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  1. That is a crazy high price. I sold my 2000 EC250 for $1400 and a 2007 EC300 for $2300 5 years ago and they were both in very good shape (also both had ohlins rear, not front though). I'd say that bike is worth no more than $2000 if it was in perfect condition.
  2. Also Andrew Delong is on GasGas racing pro class in GNCC and National Enduros.
  3. I've never really understood the fuss about having a title for an offroad vehicle. I live in PA and up until a few years ago getting a title on a new bike was optional. The last new bike I bought didn't come with a title and I sold it with no issues. The last 3 bikes I've had also had no title and I sold them without an issue. Two of them did have an MSO. Around here a VIN check is all you would have to do to prove a bike isn't stolen. Most people I've dealt with when selling prefer that the bike has no title so you don't have to pay more taxes on it. All I've ever done is a signed bill of sale (usually a generic one found online and printed out), I've never had anyone ask for anything more. These people that say a bike has zero value without a title are out of their minds. I know tons of people in the local riding community and have never once heard of someone having an issue with buying or selling a bike because of a lack of title.
  4. Response from the US GasGas Promoter: "Don't panic, GG is not going anywhere! This is purely a political move and poker game being put on currently. I have been aware of this plan, and current strategy of restructure since early December. Its a business move done many times over by many companies through the world in order to get a better financial footing for future projects. GasGas with the help of some government assistance is working the banks that had possession of GasGas a few years ago. In its current state GasGas is sustaining and doing well, but the interest and contracts that were done with the banks back in Spains recession period have not allowed for growth. As I said, this is a planned move to restructure. Once there is an agreement made that GasGas has proposed to the banks. The investors have promised an additional 9 million euro's to put only into R & D, and future projects. The investors know what they are doing, and they are doing this for the benefit of a stronger future for GasGas. On the US side, GasGas Motos NA, and GasGas USA (trials) are not going anywhere and we will still be here promoting, selling, and planning a strong GasGas future."
  5. I'm gonna bet only a couple psi. Maybe 5 at most. Its very low.
  6. My buddy goes about 80 hours on his pistons and rings (just does them both at the same time) on his KTM 200xc, this is under very aggressive offroad riding and racing conditions. I have about 150 hours on my GasGas 300 for example and am not even worried, will probably put a piston and rings in it soon for piece of mind though.
  7. The above is true. My 2007 had a reed cage spacer between the Vforce3 and the Jug. also a thinner base gasket will give it more compression and lower the ports, this will add torque and take a little off the top end. Your needle will have a lot to do with how the power comes on, I went to a N3EG needle like used on a motocrosser for more topend and more hit, but it also made the bottom end more snappy. The stock needle sucks all around. Another thing is a flywheel weight will smooth out the power for less snap. Main jet size sounds about right.
  8. The crank in my GasGas 300 is a slip fit. Has a roller bearing on the ignition side(this side slips right off when you unbolt the cases) and has a ball bearing on the clutch side, the crank is secured to that side of the case by a nut on the counterbalancer. It makes dis-assembly very easy with no special tools or pullers. Also its a pretty much bulletproof bottom end. It's possible the CR125 would be the same, as the GasGas engines loosely resemble an older honda CR250. I believe the CR crank can even be used in the GasGas with minor modification.
  9. Get a KTM 200. My buddy and his dad both ride one and they are a great bike for the trail that you can take to the track. I know other people will, but I would'nt recomment a 250f for the trails. not enough low end, heavier than the small 2 strokes, harder to start, and expensive (I have had 3 friends that had engine failures with 250f' on 2 strokes), My buddy has a 2011 YZ250f and he hates it, The rest of our group is on GasGas's Husaberg's and KTM's 2 strokes and when he jumps on any of them he just says he cant believe how much better it is. My buddy got his 08 KTM200 for like $2000 and its a great bike, i absolutely recommend it. Also in my area everyone stayed on or is back on 2 strokes in the woods, and I ride with a couple pro GNCC racers also.
  10. All the R&D that goes into the 4 strokes chassis goes right into the 2 strokes as well, they got the same linkage upgrades and suspension upgrades every year. The only thing that hasn't changed much is the motor (but it still gets porting updates, ignition changes, etc) and even in the newest DirtRider they mentioned its pretty well known KTM has direct injection ready to go for 2 strokes but just are waiting for it to be necessary to compete, the carb still works so well they arnt going to go away from it until they have to. I guess I just see it more because in my area not many people ride 4 strokes, but I know tons of guys that have new Husabergs/KTM 2 strokes every year so I hear all about them and get to try them out. Supposedly now that KTM owns Husky they are developing a 300cc 2 stroke to compete in the new MX3 300cc 2 stroke class in the World Championship GP's
  11. Have you not heard of KTM. the 250sx gets updated every year. I just rode a 2013 250sx the other day and its an amazing bike, just as up to date as their 4 stroke mx bikes.
  12. For one, they are pretty good bikes, their 2 strokes dont get updated as much as other brands. But the CR125 is a good bike and a steal at that price. They come with a big bore kit which is pretty awesome. Also Husky came out with the "CR" name long before Honda so I dont know why its surprising to you its called that. My buddies dad has Many Husky CR models from the late 60's and early 70's. Also Sabortooth why do you think it changes for the worse after 2014? they will be designed by KTM. I dont own a KTM but my buddies KTM200XC is an awesome bike, so much easier to work on and better engineered then my YZ250. I see this as a huge plus for Husky, i might even consider buying one.
  13. I went from a YZ250 to a GasGas 300...its true the YZ cant touch the bottom end of a 300, my 300 made the YZ feel like a 125 in the low end. But wasn't quite as exciting from the midrange up and signed off early. Put a YZ needle in the carb and removed the carb spacer and that was fixed, now it rips all the way into the over rev. Haven't missed my YZ once.
  14. Having run both an ironman and a supersprox rear on my GasGas 300 (which eats sprockets), I can say a ironman might last 30% longer than a Supersprox, but no where near twice as long. I got 2 seasons out of my ironman and have 1 season on the supersprox and it still looks like it will hold up for most of the next season.
  15. I doubt that it ever had a title, I bought my brand new 2000 XR200 without a title. it was an option if you wanted one at least here in PA. Most of the older bikes I had never had titles. My two newest bikes, both GasGas's came with a certificate of origin but no title. I've found (contrary to what many people on here say) that most buyers when I sold a bike was glad it wasnt titled so we didnt have to deal with all the transfer fee's and taxes and such. Maybe its just my state though. Not that any of this helps you but I am just saying I bet the chances are slim of that bike ever having a title.