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  1. haha well at least i got mainly positive feedback:p and for those who say i shoulda just bought a yami... i bought a honda because i love the way they perform. the maintenence isnt a big deal to me...i can handle it. i think if i got a yami...i probably would have made it red....hahahahaha. it is because i like to see something new and different. i dont really mind the people on here who say it looks like shit. i am the one riding it, not you:thumbsup:
  2. haha yeah. see now lets just hope that the whole thumpertalk population doesnt go out and do it to theirs....hahahaha:p
  3. thanks man...that is what i was really shooting for----something that is different than the rest. i love the hondas in red and all...but i see the blue as a good change, as well as something that would be impressive to see out riding:applause:
  4. haha i like it for sures:thumbsup: now i am on a quest to find the plastics....its gonna be a long journey. hahaha
  5. does anybody here know where to get blue plastics for an 07 crf250r???
  6. cool...well since i have decided on this...does anybody know where to get blue plastics for an 07 crf250r?
  7. yeah i think so too. i pretty much have decided that i am going to do it regardless of what people think:thumbsup:
  8. well...a friend of mine were essing around photoshopping the crf250r...and he did it up in blue. it looks good to me, but another friend of mine said it looks like crap...what do you think?
  9. hahaha good to hear cuz i plan to throw some black plastics on my bike, among other things...hahaha, but i need to photoshop it first. nice bike by the way...
  10. haha thanks:thumbsup: ironically, i saw them in a magazine i was reading on the way to go buy some tech 8's.... i have been waiting for them for quite some time actually. they had a problem at the factory or something, so they have been on back order for a while but i felt as though there was no need to get impatient, because i was unable to ride at the time anyway.
  11. sheieiet nice bike!!!! it is always cool to see a post like this. congradulations, now get out and ride!
  12. thats cool...hahaha i tried it on a tt-r 250...didnt end well:p
  13. i have already ordered the sixsixone hurricane boots, and they should be here in about 2 weeks. does anybody here have these boots? do they feel good?? http://sixsixone.com/media/store/style/6677-00_1.jpg
  14. hahaha he already has a crf450r. let me tell you...this guys garage is loaded. it is the perfect riding vacation! congrats man, you are going to let me ride it spring break. :lol:
  15. dude...even if the bike is just for show and it doesnt have the performance,you have the opportunity to win a brand new kx250f...i wouldnt complain if i won a free bike:thumbsup: