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  1. Should have been replaced hours ago. Lots of blow-by and the ring looks shot, but regardless its not in bad shape. Consider yourself lucky it didn't grenade on you. Check the cylinder as well to make sure it isn't scored and throw it back together with a new top end!
  2. I used to manage a shop and the shoei rep always told us to tell people to replace their helmets after 5 years, even if its in a box on a shelf in the garage because the liner inside the helmet deteriorates. That helmet is only good for one thing...a display in the garage. The first thing I thought when I read the thread title, is man those are old. Did you try to return it?
  3. Agreed, I wore the under roost protector from a-stars and I slid out in a corner and got ran over by someone and it completely destroyed it and ever since I have been wearing the big bulky plastic ones that no one likes to wear. I might not look cool but it will definitely save me next time. I am currently using the fox airframe chest protector and it works great with this brace.
  4. I used grip tape for a while you just have to replace it every now and then
  5. I came off from riding 450's for 3 years. I only got the 07yz250 because I found a brand new one on craigslist for sale that was extremely cheap and couldn't pass it up. I took it to the track for the first time and absolutely hated it. I wasn't used to the power or the way it felt and I came home and wanted to sell it. I decided to take it to a different track and I instantly clicked with it. It took some time to get comfy on it but I loved the way I could just point and shoot with the steering it was awesome. I am definitely slower on the two stroke but it is so much fun I can whip this bike and throw it around like nothing. Just sold my 450 last month and now riding the YZ full time, couldn't be happier!!
  6. Not bad, around my area a bike like that would go for 14-1500 max. Either way you have a bike now ride and enjoy it!
  7. Same problem I had on my YZ when I ended up heating the bolt up and knocking it with a screwdriver and hammer. I think it is a pretty common thing on YZ's in general.
  8. Nice bike! Looks like the chain guide is worn through or the chain is wrapped around it?
  9. So I bought an 05 yz125 a while back and it had no compression, I could almost start it by hand but I got a smoking deal on it. I replaced the top end with a new piston and gaskets and it still has no compression I can still push the kick starter down with ease. I was thinking after I had it all together if the power-valve was stuck open would it make the bike lose compression? I checked the reeds and they looked great, no cracks or chips. Bike starts and runs great just a little concerned about how easy it is for the kick starter to move like that, I can push it down with one finger... I'm at loss of why it has no compression, I didn't have the cylinder spec'd for the new piston or anything so I'm thinking it's either that or the power-valve could be stuck as I got it off a kid who probably never got the bike out of second gear, tons of splooge when I got it.
  10. I believe the brand that makes those tires is Kenda
  11. Contact parts unlimited they own moose..That would be the best way to at least get a response.
  12. Without a doubt this is the place to be for riding
  13. Looks like you have everything listed maybe some fresh coolant, spark plug, and raw premix to lube the internals before putting the cylinder back on.
  14. Which bottle of rotella are you guys using I went to go pick some up and found a couple different bottles of it. I picked the 15w-50 white bottle up is that the right one people are using?
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