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  1. 2 grand is pretty high for those miles, if it had more decent aftermarket, maybe.
  2. On the Trailtech issue, I would send trailtech an email outlining your problem, they are nice people and will be glad to help. As far as your clutch issue I'd change your oil to a different brand without Moly in it. The guy that overfilled his oil, drain out the sump until you get the correct level, lesson learned!
  3. airgord

    Best girl ever

    Marry her, treat her like gold!!
  4. Post up the parts you want to get rid of, I might be interested in something.
  5. airgord

    2006 LC4 Adventure 640 Manual

    Dealer. Repairmanuals.com. There is a man on ktmtalk.com called "vintagespeedy" he has manuals also, got my service manuals from him and pretty happy with the transaction.
  6. airgord

    Give us a race team name!!!

    Drinking from puddles or Flys in a microwave. You have my permission to use either name on the condition that you send me a team sticker.
  7. airgord

    1995 KTM 620 EXC Plastic (orange)

    They show up on eBay all the time, also try the OEM parts deal through TT (here on this website). Another place to try is KTMtalk.com, there is a shop online tab at the top of the home page.
  8. Go to ktmtalk.com, click on the shop online tab at the top of the homepage or just look at munnracing.com. Also look at advrider.com forums, scroll down to thumpers and click on the sticky thread at or near the top, "Lc4 info thread" or something like that, most info is on the 640's but Lc4 is pretty much Lc4 no matter the engine size. There is a guy on there that goes by the screen name "donkey hotey" that has an older adventure, '97 I believe, try searching out his posts there.
  9. airgord

    improving a 620 RXC

    Take a look over on ktmtalk.com. I use a keihin FCR 39 on my bike, it works so much better than the stocker. Some guys use the Mikuni BST, cheaper than the FCR and some say easier to tune, the difference is the BST is a constant velocity carb (no accelerator pump), and the FCR has one (better low end punch). As far as pipes go, some guys run a supertrapp slipon on the stock header but there are other silencers out there too. All this stuff is on Ktmtalk.com, do a search in the LC4 forum, another good website is advrider.com, look in thumpers, the search function isn't very good so you're better off using google, but a great website all in all. Good luck and happy hunting.
  10. Go try ktmtalk.com, do a search for exhausts there in the Lc4 forums.
  11. airgord

    Jacking up!

    Try KTMtalk.com and ask there, also try ADVrider.com and do a search in thumper section. Good luck.
  12. airgord

    640e parts

    munnracing.com great dealer, take a look on ktmtalk.com classifieds also advrider.com. Lots of 640 stuff and info on ktmtalk and advrider. Here too.
  13. airgord

    LC4 400 Riders

    Go to KTMtalk.com, lots of info these bikes and there is a great shop online link at the top of the page there. I have a '97 RXC also, no current pics but I did just do the FCR install, well worth the time, effort and $$$.
  14. airgord

    Phoenix area street motard riders HOLLA

    post up on supermotojunkie.com, more 'tards there. good luck.
  15. airgord

    LC4 400 Riders

    I'm trying to find orange plastic for my '97, where did you get yours? Nice looking ride there!