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  1. twadd

    Kick Start to Electric Start

    Thanks for the help, just thought I would come back and let you know that it can be done. Ended up using the crank out of the Electric start model and rebuilding that and using that in it. For anyone out there doing this please note that the gear shift cams are different. The Kickstart gearshift cam does NOT work with the neutral sensor. Minor thing though. This is the only thing other than the crank and the flywheel, starter assembly that is really that different. The bike is now going like a trooper, although i am paranoid of any noises in the engine.
  2. twadd

    Kick Start to Electric Start

    The kicker is only the bottom end and is a very attractive price. I have actually purchased it and am in the process of rebuilding it and converting it to electric start. Apparently the top end of the kicker imploded, head i am guessing, the conrod seems fine, but I want to be sure. Not gonna take any chances as i've owned the bike for 4 months and only rode it for a few hours over the first week
  3. twadd

    Kick Start to Electric Start

    Thanks mate, i think the most major part i'll need is the LH half of the crank. I would consider converting it to a purely kickstart model but I don't have the flywheel, cover and stator for the kick but i do have them for the E, and I am quite fond of that button.
  4. twadd

    Kick Start to Electric Start

    I think the cases of my E are cracked so I'll be using the cases of the kick model. I don't have the crank out of the E to know if it's useable, but I do know everything in the transmission is either smashed entirely or damaged beyond use, so it leaves me wondering what damage there is to the crank. This leaves me in the running for a new LH half of the crank, or a stroker crank.
  5. Hi, I'm fairly new to this kind of stuff. A couple of months ago I was riding my 2000 DR-Z400 E in 3rd, changed to 4th, there was a bit of rattling and I couldn't change gears, then the whole thing seized. Took it into the shop and pretty much the whole gearbox is shattered. Long story short, I needed a second hand bottom end. Managed to find one but for the kick start model, the DR-Z 400Y, not the DR-Z 400EY. After talking to a suzuki guru he said theres only a couple of parts different, the ride hand side of the crank is longer. Just wondering if anyone has done a conversion of the kickstart model to electric start.