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  1. kingsolver22

    Help!! 03 kx 125

    yes i can kick the bike, it just has very little resistance. I believe this has to do with no compression from the reading ive been doing. Im putting a new top end in it next week, im hoping thats all it is.
  2. kingsolver22

    Help!! 03 kx 125

    okay the kickstater does not have much resistance to it. I noticed this too but i dont know the significance of it please help. When i first started the day kick stand had lots of resistance and now hardly none. I put a new plug in it, not that. I do appreciate the help guys, sucks to know nothing about something you love to do. Im learning though, thanks
  3. kingsolver22

    Help!! 03 kx 125

    Im a newbie, ive rode my bike for about 8 weeks, it had a new top end on it when i bought it. I was riding yesterday, and everything was fine i was cruising around the track when my bike suddenly lost power. I was still going but my throttle wasnt really giving me anything it was slowly sputtering to a hault and fast. In about a half lap it went from bad to worse and totally stopped and now i cant get it to start. Can someone help. Not spark plug. Thanks. Ive cleaned the air filter regularly and changed the gear oil regularly.