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  1. ljschnel

    2013 250SX 1st Ride

    I'm very interested to see how you end up feeling about this bike for woods riding. It sounds like you need to get the jetting and suspension clickers tuned in, along with some guards, but hopefully it will be everything you could need then. I'm still interested in getting an SX for riding mountain trails and my other options are YZ250s and the 300 XC, so if you can find gearing that makes this bike work for the woods I'd be thrilled to hear about your setup.
  2. ljschnel

    2013 250 SX or XC for Trails

    Thanks for the more detailed reply. I guess I will save up a little more and wait a bit longer to see if any of the dealers will work with me on an XC.
  3. ljschnel

    2013 250 SX or XC for Trails

    I guess since I've always ridden mx bikes as trail bikes and since all my riding buddies are on yz's or crfr's I have a skewed perspective. $1000 is not meaningless to me and that will be the cost difference AFTER I swap the tank and add a stand. In your opinion that is a good deal and just go with the xc, but you don't really offer any tangible reasons or details for that opinion. What is the night and day difference? I'm guessing the suspension valving, ignition mapping, gearing???
  4. ljschnel

    2013 250 SX or XC for Trails

    I'm in Utah and the KTM dealers here apparently have no problem selling all their 2st trail bikes for MSRP + $1,000 OTD, so I'm considering picking up a cheaper 250 SX. I'd really like the 300 XC so I've been trying to compile all the differences between the 2 bikes and what I see is: - Tank - Side stand - Rear wheel - Transmission - 50 cc's - E-start Through lots of searching I found a place that will sell the stock parts for an XC for really low prices so I figure it is about $350 for the tank and side stand off a 300 XC. I do not care whether the bike has a 19" or 18" rear wheel so that is a moot point (actually, the SX still comes with Excels which I think is a plus). I've been riding a CRF450R without a Rekluse or FWW, stock suspension for the past 4 years, so I'm not that worried about having a MX bike off-road. I can take or leave the E-start as it isn't worth $1000 to me. My biggest concern is probably the tranny. Can anyone compare the transmissions in particular and go over other things I'm missing in general in order to make the SX a decent trail machine? Thanks!
  5. ljschnel

    Valves and hours?

    Good advice. That sounds consistent with my experience with my crf250r... Should I replace the gaskets at the top and bottom of the cylinder? Probably piston, pin, and ball hone it too???
  6. ljschnel

    Valves and hours?

    I've got 208 hrs on my '07 and it just recently became difficult to start when cold (like more than 4 kicks). Checked the valves (for the first time) and the left side intake was out. I've got a new shim on order and I won't check them again unless I have trouble starting. I think usage should dictate how often you check them though. I ride in the woods and am rarely ragging the motor off the rev limiter. If you are wringing every last bit out of it some proactive maintenance would be in order....and that goes beyond the top end. The crank does not give benign indications that it is failing like the valves do...
  7. I have an '07 and for hot starting - Neutral always in neutral - Clutch engaged - Pull "hot start" lever on left(this is not a "decompression lever") - Kick Maybe your valves are going....but....I'd check what your main jet, leak jet, and needle clip settings are right now and what altitude you are at. You just bought it - is the fuel any good?
  8. ljschnel

    Rebuild time. Do i have my ducks in a row?

    For pulling the flywheel, or what???
  9. ljschnel

    Rebuild time. Do i have my ducks in a row?

    Were you having any valve issues? e.g. Starting issues, etc...
  10. ljschnel

    Rebuild time. Do i have my ducks in a row?

    When my 250F bit the dust it was the large end rod bearings. If I was doing a complete rebuild I would do the crank/rod assembly. Just a really good idea... Also, I would be prepared to find signs of wear/damage in the transmission. These earlier 450R's have had issues - especially ones driven in the desert.
  11. 200+ hours on my '07. Woods, singletrack, desert, track. Honda HP4 NO MOLY and Honda oil filter every 15 hrs. New air filter every 15 hrs. Never had the valve cover off! 30 hours is defiantly NOT a lot.
  12. I ended up taking off the carb and removing the float bowl to clean everything out. Cleaned off the float valve and checked the float height. Everything checked out so I put it back on and I'm running just like before. I do feel that leaving my fuel petcock "ON" led to this since I have never had anything like this happen to me in the past. Thanks everyone for your help. And yes, I did change the oil and filter, and it was fuel saturated...
  13. Yeah, thanks. I'd like to determine what the problem is before I contaminate fresh oil. (I was warming the bike up for an oil change when all of this began.) Anyhow: I just pulled the main and it was clean, but I cleaned it again; Checked the air filter - Looks fine; I also shot a bumch of carb cleaner around in the carb. I tried again to start it and fuel still wouldn't flow out the overflow but I tried kicking it again. It fired up for just a second and the fuel started flowing like crazy out the overflow. Looks like I have a fouled up float. I'm going to search what to do next.
  14. Eddie or anyone else- My bikes been sitting for a month and won't run. When I tipped it over (as I usually do to fill the float bowl) fuel quickly ran out the float bowl overflow. I had left the fuel "ON" for the month it sat. OOPS. I did get it to start but in less than a minute I ran out of gas. I filled the tank back up and when I tipped the bike to fill the float bowl and no fuel would flow out the overflow. I checked the tank vent and the float bowl overflow tubes and neither are clogged. Fuel WILL flow out the float bowl drain, but the bike won't start. Any ideas - all I've seen about float bowl overflows has been about the leaking not plugged. Thanks.
  15. ljschnel

    CRF 450 Woods machine tips??

    Youtube it. It is an auto clutch, so the bike never stalls out. Pretty handy, but like $500 on sale....