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  1. Garyhun

    Will an Aprila Be Too Much?

    I'm on the South Coast near Poole. Bike theft here not such an issue as some news reports and especially low down here. The bike will be garaged anyway! As you say - nice problem to have!! 2wheels-drz - I will check out that site. Thanks for the link!
  2. Garyhun

    Will an Aprila Be Too Much?

    A very good point. The KTM's are supposed to be fairly bullet proof talking to existing owners!
  3. Garyhun

    Will an Aprila Be Too Much?

    The 660 is not available in the UK! Why do you say that the 625 is a better choice? Must admit on paper the Aprilia is my current favourite
  4. Garyhun

    Will an Aprila Be Too Much?

    Thanks for your insightful reply. I'm going to test ride both bikes next week and it's nice to know that experience on here says that both the KTM and Aprilia would be OK to go for.
  5. Garyhun

    Will an Aprila Be Too Much?

    Much appreciated! I can asure you I will have plenty of respect for whatever I get - I'm too aware of my own mortality these days
  6. Garyhun

    Will an Aprila Be Too Much?

    I'm taking my bike test next week in the UK and at 43 going to get my first proper bike!! I want a SuperMoto style and have narrowed down to the Aprilia SXV and KTM 640 SM. It's going to be a bike for fun rides in the evening and weekends - no commuting, no touring. So... I have been told the SXZ is a bit of an animal and was wondering if it might be too much for me as a first bike. Comments welcome!! Thanks, Gary
  7. Garyhun

    KTM's new LC4 replacment!

    Have to agree! I saw the MCN article last week and thought "yuk"! Luckily I have a current model 640 Prestige on hold till my test next week which is a damn sexy bike!!
  8. Garyhun

    KTM's new LC4 replacment!

    Hi guys. Just joined from the UK! I am thinking of getting a KTM 640 Supermoto for street use once I pass my test over here in the UK... test is tomorrow!!! If you were in my position would you wait for the 690 engine (does anyone know when a 690 powered Supermoto will be available?) or try to get a good price on the current 640 (and what sort of discount do you think would be available)? I'm new to bikes so just not sure what impact on 640 pricing this new bike will have! Thanks, Gary