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  1. Howdy wrmike, I would say everyday is a day to ride, but sat. was colder than we expected, the ground was froze and slick. We were trying to climb the long hill climb when at the bottom the roots took him out I believe. We all helped him back to vehicle and me and drzmike rode some more. Had a great time. :lol: When you gonna ride again?
  2. Great trails, but no single track.
  3. Brimstone is a great place to ride and they are adding about 50 more miles in the next couple weeks.
  4. Brimstone is in Scott county, many ways to enter, main entrance is just off of hwy. 63 in Huntsville, Tn., about 19 miles from interstate 75. wr250frcr we have found a possible trail to bypass some of the gravel at the start of the ride.
  5. wr250frcr you gonna ride this week end? I am sure we will ride somewhere. Merlin450 I am and old man that rides with that bunch, I ride almost every weekend. Like wr250frcr said , it ain't always speed sometimes it is just being able to start and finish. Hope to meet u soon.
  6. I think I am gonna sit the spring ride out unless something changes between now and then. Did you like the hill climbs?
  7. wr250frcr, Enjoyed the ride sat. , Brimstone is my favorite place to ride at this time. Glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully they will have that trail open to the sandwich stop next time!!!!! Allen:thumbsup: