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  1. Although some aftermarkets are universal for 96-04 250s and 400s. The stock honda 250 tank will not fit a 400. I found this out the hard way!
  2. I agree with what unclewho said. Sure my buddies 06 KTM is faster but he's always complaining about its shortcomings, and is constantly trying to improve it. With the xr400 you don't expect it to perform like a modern 450 and it's so easy to ride. Lots of fun for very little money!
  3. I would say 1300-1500 is about right.
  4. Thanks maybe I should keep it.
  5. Guys i just bought a 1998 xr100 and the seller through in a used BBR swingarm. I don't think I want to use it, as it raises seat height. Can anyone tell me what it might be worth if I sell it on here or ebay? It looks a little different than the new ones and is not anodized. Thanks
  6. 2004 models are listed for about 2200-2600 here in michigan. Replace the tank decals, looks make a difference.
  7. have it honed and put new oem rings in her. she'll be good for another ten years. just my opinion.
  8. my buddy has a set of wheels he used as spares for his 87 xr250. He is going to put them on ebay, but I'm sure he'd sell them to you for reasonable price. pm me and I'll put you in touch.
  9. I used the pigtail from an old honda minitrail. It will fit right in your stock headlamp housing and then you can use a universal high/low switch such as found on a snowmobile.
  10. Here in michigan(where jobs are scarce) $1600-1800 would be a ballpark.
  11. See you back here in a year or so after your 1800 dollar rebuild. No seriously thats a nice bike.
  12. Good to here! I need to have this done and was wondering who was good. Anyone else have a recommendation.
  13. So young yet so wise!
  14. This is why we love our xr's soooo much!!!!
  15. I put big bars on mine. I love the look of no crossbar. I used tusk adaptors from rocky mtn.