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  1. What works and what doesn't? Plastics, wheels, chain??? Most important to me: How much work is it to put a K5 motor in a 125 frame?
  2. 5frostys

    kx5oo or cr5oo

    good point on the sleeves issue unifilter I presume?
  3. 5frostys

    kx5oo or cr5oo

    I'll definitely be inspecting the piston and cylinder, but I doubt I'll replace a piston as often as the rings. Here's a good link to some info... http://www.hallbergs.net/kx500/
  4. 5frostys

    kx5oo or cr5oo

    Correct me if I'm wrong here, since I've just bought my first 2-stroke, but when the phrase top end is used, it's not replacing the pistons, but rather the rings. And yes, just like a valve adjustment on a 4 stroke it depends on how much you ride it. Replacing a piston is a different issue altogether.
  5. 5frostys

    kx5oo or cr5oo

    Good Question... I've heard it's actually like twice a year depending on how much you ride. Like a valve job on a 4 stroke... Check out www.kxriders.com lots of good info there.
  6. 5frostys

    Kx 500 - Help

    That was it THANKS.
  7. 5frostys

    Kx 500 - Help

    I need a KX500 specific website for mods, parts, etc. Is there one out there Thanks,
  8. 5frostys

    New engine in old XR400 frame

    Didn't know if it would bolt up or not, just thought I'd ask. Figured if I'm gonna have to go through the whole process of modding an old XR then a really big jump would be to go with a CR 500 engine Just did the whole air box, jetting, port & Polish, big bore kit, etc. to my street ride and just don't want to do it again to a dirt bike. Figured the CR500 is the only way to go it's gotta be bigger than the 440 kit ...
  9. Curiosity question Is is possible to put a cr500 engine in my '98 XR400 frame?
  10. 5frostys

    KX 125 - maintenance manual

    Thanks guys, just bought one on ebay. can't wait to get dirty this week showing the boy had to DO HIS OWN maintenance
  11. 5frostys

    XR 400 ported,jetted,440 kit VS CR500

    XR650 = 277 lbs dry CR500 = 213.8 lbs dry Anybody know the stock HP?
  12. 5frostys

    XR 400 ported,jetted,440 kit VS CR500

    I had the KLR650 and got rid of it. Too heavy in the tight stuff. The xr400 is perfect for that. Top end though, when racing through the woods I can see any 650 being great, but I think the CR top end takes the cake. I guess I need to see the weight difference next.
  13. Came home with the KX125 bike, now I need to learn how to maintain this little two stroke. SUggestions on manuals would be appreciated. Thanks,
  14. It's not like I have the money, but if I wanted sheer performance for dual sporting on fire roads or single tracking what would I do? I've got a street bike with a big bore kit, pod filters, jet kit, blah blah blah. I love power. In a dirt bike the CR500 has massive power, but can it be harnassed for both dual sporting in Forest Lakes and single tracking? The XR 400 big bore kit 440 sounds like fun but just how much power is enough? Which - in your opinion is the better choice for racing down dirt roads AND single tracking?
  15. 5frostys

    Bolts on sprockets - GONE?!

    I used the blue loctite and then fashioned a safety device after something I saw somewhere. It's not safety wire, but it SHOULD work. I cut a piece of metal framing stud into a small semicircle then drilled the holes for two bolts. I loctite the nuts in place and then bend up the metal around the bolts. In order for one to come loose it would have to tear the metal shroud that now is formed to the bolt head. It can't twist off becuse the other bolt head is holding it too. We'll see...