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  1. jedirye

    Trails at Croom at great! It rained a BUNCH!

    When does their calendar year start, July? I'd invest in one if that was the case. I haven't ridden in MONTHS. I wold be up for a get together at Croom, a weekday would be best, no? -rye
  2. jedirye

    Lookin' for a ridin' group! Tampa area, or north

    I was PMing a guy that is going to HardRock, he's in my thread I just forget his name and am too lazy to search it (KX100 maybe lol). I am planning on heading there this Sunday, he said everyone will be there around 10ish or so. Would love to have a meetup, it might be fun! -rye
  3. jedirye

    Lookin' for a ridin' group! Tampa area, or north

    Croom is where I think most of my riding will take place (hey, it's close) but if there's a group going to Hardrock on the 31st that is definitely something to entertain as well. Let's not forget, I did say I was "beginner/intermediate" so where am I gonna stand there? I've never been to a track but read they have trails as well. How many you got going and any other noobs as well lol? -rye
  4. jedirye

    Lookin' for a ridin' group! Tampa area, or north

    I guess maybe trail riding, I've never been to a track but am not opposed to the experience and could tag a long. Not looking to hold any "pro's" back, just some riding and whatnot. -rye PS: No tags, kx250f
  5. Hey all, Looking for a group to go riding with. A few people to call up and say, "Hey, what about riding this weekend?" and that's pretty much it. I'm located in the Spring Hill area which is fairly limited, but there is (of course) Croom which I haven't been to in years. I guess I'll pay to have fun I suppose, it's about that time. Wouldn't be opposed to making trips to other areas as well. I'm not advanced, probably beginner-intermediate. I'm about 40 min. north of Tampa. Anyone here?? -rye
  6. jedirye

    Question abou titles in FL (2004 kx250f)

    Well I have it listed on Craigslist and whatnot and just let people know that I don't have the title. I do print out that paper from NICB.org saying VIN XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is not stolen, salvage, etc. To give people some piece of mind. The lady from the DMV told me that some people just don't title their bikes because they may own a lot of land and just ride it around there. Fair enough, I suppose. Seriously, it seems like a pain to get a title just for a bike I'm going to sell anyway lol. Some guy looked at it today and was gonna give me $1700 for my 2004 KX250F. Problem was I didn't have the extra set of green plastics at my house so it was no deal. I think I could get more for it anyway though, I mean I had it listed for like $2000. My boyfriend lives off of Kitten Trail in Hudson and I was thinking of sitting outside with it in the morning to early afternoon with a For Sale sign and just study for my final on Monday lol. Maybe if the WEATHER WAS BETTER THAT WOULD BE AN OPTION. Oh well, the guy said he would contact me on Sunday but now I don't know if I want to let it go for $1700 lol. -rye
  7. So yeah, I bought the kx250f as a second bike for friend's to ride. Found a guy selling it, no title, and yes it is a 2004. I checked the VIN on that website to make sure it wasn't stolen, and called the DMV with the VIN and said said it has never been titled. All was good. Well, time has come with school (books/tuition) that the toys have to go. I just contacted my local motorcycle shop to put it for sale in front of their business and they made a big deal about the title saying I CANNOT sell it without the title. I, myself, have a bill of sale and was okay with that lol. How can I get a title for this beast? The original owner is like two hours away, and even then, that's just the kid I bought it off of. He didn't have the title and bought it from some other dude. Eh? -rye
  8. Honestly, I don't know how cars work mechanically either, should I ride a bicycle to school and work? There are a thousand other examples I could use to refute your poorly thought out statement so I shan't go any further... I'm on here seeking help. I do have a manual and started reading it (then I lost it ) I read the basic maintenance on it and have gone to the shop for things over my head (adjusting valves, etc.) I have already admitted prior to this, that I will just never be that mechanically inclined to comfortably work on this bike by myself. I am satisfied with knowing the preventative maintenance procedures and will slowly build more to that list as I grow more comfortable. For the record, it's already got Engine Ice in it so I'll just add a tad more! Thanks for the help everyone. I started it up and she was runnin' just fine so that's a relief! -rye
  9. Okay, well that's a relief. I'll give it a shot today after I put some antifreeze in it. So is there anything that can be done to change this? Keep in mind I've personally never had the problem, but now I'll be paranoid that I will. I realize I bought an MX bike, but love the woods as well and that's exactly where we were riding. The trails weren't clearly defined so really going any faster would be suicide! To be honest though, he was just going ridiculously slow so I don't think I'll have that problem again... I guess we'll see. He better learn that YZ now because he's off my bike. Thanks guys! -rye
  10. Hello all, I am quite the noob to motorcycles/dirt bikes. I try and I try to understand them mechanically, but it is just an area that is too far over my head. Give me a good trauma call any day over my bike not starting or changing the spark plug (which is a pain!). Keep in mind though, I have been well versed and continually keep up on preventative maintenance and do whatever I can in that area. Regardless, my problem comes from a ride today. I recently bought a '99 YZ125 for the boyfriend to ride so I don't have to ride my '05 kx250f alone. Well, the yz doesn't idle for anything and he hadn't really ridden bikes too much so we swapped. We rode for probably about 45 minutes, in a new area and EXTREMELY slow (I think he never left first gear), stopped periodically for this and that. We were in a big sand pit and I was running in circles trying to practice my turns while he was just sittin' on the bike with it running, watching. Then I stop and go to talk to him and next thing I know, I look back to him and my sweet bike is shooting steam from underneath the engine (where all those skid plates are) and there is (I'm assuming) radiator fluid draining from the bottom. A decent amount. No loss in power or anything. I was so freaked out because it's MY bike that I just focused on turning it off and pushing it back the mile and a half back to his house (thank God he pushed it the whole way). I'm afraid to turn it on again, to be quite frank. After it cooled we opened the radiator up to check the fluid level and it was indeed low and it was just recently flushed and filled by my shop with Engine Ice. So I'm almost positive it was radiator fluid. What could have caused this, the steam and corresponding white smoke to shoot from the bottom? I've read about radiator over flows and whatnot, so was this just an issue of not having it move enough? Should I run right over to my shop and check it out? What are some things I can do to see if that was my problem? Right away I know I need to buy some more radiator fluid for the bike. Should I give it a kick over tomorrow and see what she does, leaks, etc? Am I out of the clear if she's fine? I'm so freaked out and apologize for the novel, but I believe I take good care of this bike and to have something go wrong is disappointing. Not to mention I've read the '04's-'05's have had enough problems of their own............................... Appreciate all and any help! -rye
  11. I know, a good deal gone but oh well. I really should be saving my money and whatnot right now which was also a factor and I'm not sure if a KLX would be a smart addition for me right now. Oh well! -rye
  12. Well... To give you guys an update, I got there and the bike looked a little different, as in more wear/tear. It still looked incredibly new though. I looked at the engine and felt it was warm so he had it running just a little while ago. He went to start it for me, and it needed to be jumped by his car because of the battery I guess. That was a little red flag for me. I got to ride it around and when I came back and shut it off the headlight was still on but the tail light wasn't and I was trying to remember if the tail light worked. I asked him to crank it up for me again to check the tail light and it wouldn't start even though I had it running less than a minute later. Off we go to jump it. He took the side panel off to jump it, making the air filter visible and it was bone dry. Kind of another red flag I guess... Honestly, as cheap as I am, I would have paid the $2k if it didn't need to be jumped every five seconds only because $2k is my budget and I don't want to invest more in a battery, etc. I offered like $1700 in cash and he wouldn't take it. Oh well. I've got an '05 KX250F already and love it. Riding that was completely different though, it felt more cumbersome and heavier (only 50lbs, but still kind of different). Oh well I guess, I'm sure he won't have any problems selling it though, just not to me! -rye
  13. What the KLX looks like: I realize you can't tell mechanically how the bike is, but honestly, it does look extremely clean, etc. -rye
  14. What would I be looking for exactly? Basically, the story is that the guy's uncle originally bought the bike. The nephew now "owns" it but the title is still in the uncle's name. It is a 2003 but looks IMMACULATE and I exaggerate not. He is only asking $2000 but ideally I would like to get it for less, just because. Reason for selling: Moving back to Brazil. This guy really doesn't know too much about maintenance about it so I was thinking of at least checking the air filter. He also says that the lights have some trouble because he hasn't ridden it in a long time. Overall though, the bike honestly does look new for an '03 and doesn't look like it was ridden at all really. I inquired about the miles but he says the odometer is just a trip so it doesn't say the miles. Also, it has e-start. What else should I look for? Honestly, I'm not too mechanically inclined and I've already got an '05 KX250F but thought this would be a nice woods bike or just a "spare" bike if I could get it for a little less than $2k. What do you guys think? The bike is not street legal though and I'm going to look at it tomorrow night. Thanks for any help! -rye
  15. What would be involved exactly? I tried looking online but all I see are dual sport kits which amount to roughly $500 dollars. That's a bit more than I want to spend, plus, I don't want it to be street legal or anything. I'd just like to add a head light and tail light though for woods riding maybe, etc. Any idea where to get one and what else I would need? Thanks for the help! -rye