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  1. the unibiker rad. braces are the way to go. I smashed my wr rad. on a small fall and had to replace the rad. I've taken some hard falls with the unibikers with out even a twist to the rads. unibker braces are great and way tougher than the works connection braces.
  2. I use the same trick for my moto boots as I do my snowboard boots... I put them on the boot drier for a couple hours until they are nice and WARM (not hot). Then I wear them around the house for a little while. This seems to help the boots retain a memory of my foot. It really works well on the snowboard boots since they a liner that is heat sensitive to retain the shape of your foot. But it did work on my moto boots alright.
  3. it just snowed another foot here (vermont). that makes 4 feet on the ground in my yard, could be a while. Hopefully by the end of march we can ride the sandy spots.
  4. $3500 seems pretty realistic to me. I paid $4700 for my 05 wr450 brand new just a left over on the showroom floor.
  5. My rule of thumb is if it's the same color as my bike I don't buy it.
  6. My favorites are my chain morticer, 16" circular saw, and 12 1/4" power planer, all for building timber frame homes, oh can't forget the chissel.
  7. There's two things that I know about the 460's, they like gas and drink lots of it, and they are prone to blowing headgaskets. Other then that good strong motors. If you only drive 7k a year I wouldn't be too concerned about the milage.
  8. wr 450 was my choice.
  9. 30- This is my first bike (05 wr 450). <-Me on my bike, all smiles!
  10. I just bought the same bike a month and a half ago for 4700. Love it so far.