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  1. War650

    05 KX65 Clutch Removal - Hub Bolt

    Tried the impact already. Maybe I need to turn up the pressure and try again.
  2. The center hub bolt will not break loose. Manual shows to hold the stator side with the clutch tool. I did. The clutch will turn on itself before the nut will break over. Also tried the bar between the rear spoke and frame trick. Bolt still won't break over. I feel like I'm putting so much torque on it that I'm about to snap something. I've never had this problem on other bikes. This is the first time I've been in the 65 clutch but it looks pretty simple. I'm the second owner and it looks like someone has been in it before. The clutch springs look to be heavy duty. I'm wondering if they red dot thread locked it? The manual doesn't say it is, but is it left hand thread? There was nothing wrong with the clutch before. Just doing a top end and clutch in the offseason so everthing would be fresh for the coming race season. I put it back together for now. Any suggestions?
  3. YZ250 Brake pedal is bent pretty severely. Before I attempt to straighten it I was going to heat it a little. Then a fellow rider said to freeze it instead. Which one? Has anybody tried either approach?
  4. War650

    05 Kx65

    Can the rear shock be rebuilt? It is leaking fluid and has no rebound. If so is there any reference material for doing so. The manual does not give any guidlines for rebuilding which makes me believe you eiher can't or they don't want you to.
  5. War650

    Lowering a KLX110

    Has anyone lowered a KLX110? If so, how. The front end looks simple. However I'm not to sure about the rear shock. It's a 2004