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  1. RC30

    Show your PIG

    Also in this topic my ugly duck:
  2. RC30

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    My 2005 XR work in progress:
  3. RC30

    Knee or heel draggin

    Please, look Nicky Hayden from min. 1:25 to min. 2:00........ http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=zpHC8HQyKgE
  4. RC30

    Ducati General Lee

    What do you think about this Ducati...................supermoto? .. I love it.
  5. RC30

    Show your PIG

    Sorry, maybe there is a misunderstanding, the bike is not mine but it's of my friend Orsoxr. However he uses a KTM LC4 fan for the radiator and he mounted a trimmed road-bike wind screen on his skid plate. Piero
  6. RC30

    Ride with Prosthetic arm

    lovagoa, you're incredible! Piero.
  7. RC30

    Show your PIG

    Ehmmmm, Orsoxr's bike above this post. Marco...
  8. RC30


    the cradle of supermoto. http://www.stevewise.com/video/ 6th vid 1980 7th vid 1981 http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=iUEyWgyQOKg&locale=en_GB&persist_locale=1 1982 ........ ............................
  9. RC30

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L CRF!
  10. RC30

    Borile Motorcycles

    The engine is a Borile 487cc with GM head and cylinder. GM is a celebrated italian speedway engine producer. http://www.gmengines.net/html_ing/products.php
  11. RC30

    Ciao from Italy

    Hi to all, I’m still alive, sorry if I haven’t posted anything for a lot of time. I have interrupted all work on my bike during the last summer. Now I have restart it, but I’m working very slowly. I’m still making new modifies. Still few weeks (I hope) and then I will show you all the news. You still must be patient. Thank you, but my English is really bad. I would rather write in Italian. Ciao, and Merry Christmas. Piero
  12. RC30

    Show your PIG

    Yesssssss, uelcom Tokyo. Beautiful bike, but I want to see the supermoto version. Piero
  13. RC30

    official honda factory supermoto xr650

    The XR650R in the pic isn't an official Honda bike, but it's the supermoto version builted by Dall'Ara, the Italian Honda importer. Dall'Ara changes the wheels, the front disc and adds the rear footpegs, front caliper spacer and, from 2006, the e-start with a 12V battery. http://www.dallarahonda.com/xr650sm_new.htm Piero
  14. RC30

    Introduction of my self.

    Welcome shitloadsoftorque.............. .............you can found something in this thread: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=421904&highlight=ciao+from+italy I will renew it in the next weeks (I hope....). Piero