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  1. agermaney

    Hard of understanding. Front brake.

    Thanks Dave. I don't dispute it seems to work for some. Just wanted to understand the theory. Still not sure of the significance of ziptying the lever overnight though. Sorry if I'm a bit dim. Andy.
  2. I've recently been battling with a spongy front brake on my '05 450EXC. I have managed to get it "something like" and will live with it for now. My question is.........I can't get my head round the theory of zip-tying the lever back over night resulting in a good brake in the morning. I'm not saying it doesn't work, I've read many reports of success. It never seems to do any good for me though, and further more I can't understand how it would. Can some one please enlighten me as to how the air manages to get from the hose side of the master cylinder piston back into the reservoir when the lever is pulled tight in. Surely the passage is shut off. Like I said, I'm not saying it doesn't work, I just thought it was about time I asked how it does work. Your thoughts greatly appreciated. Andy.
  3. agermaney

    2005 450EXC valve clearances.

    Thanks guys....
  4. Done a search, can't seem to find out what the valve clearances should be on my '05 450EXC. Think the inlets should be 0.005" but what about the exhausts. Thanks in advance. Andy.
  5. agermaney


    I didn't think anyone used any throttle to start crf450's. I know I dont.
  6. agermaney


    This is strange. Going up from a 145 to a 150 should make no difference to starting and low to mid throttle running. Are you sure the 150 wasn't blocked. I'd check that the hole is visibly larger than your 145 and re-try. Andy.
  7. agermaney

    No power band on 250EXC

    Did this today, power valve operating fine. Thanks for the tip. I cleaned the air filter and it seems to have a little more zing back. Got me thinking, is the main jet right. 182 fitted?? Also, the power valve spring is blue. I haven't seen any refrences to blue ones. Only red, yellow and green. Any info on these matters would be good to know. Andy.
  8. agermaney

    No power band on 250EXC

    Thanks guys, I'll do that and report back. Andy.
  9. agermaney

    No power band on 250EXC

    Hi All, I've bought back my 2003 250exc off a guy I sold it to a year ago. He's not used it much but for some reason its lost its power surge. It used to go like stink at the top end and it had good bottom end grunt too. It still feels good at the bottom end but as the revs rise, it doesn't seem to take off like it used to. I've changed the fuel with some fresh stuff at 50:1. Stripped the carb, no problems found. Checked the reeds, all look fine. Not sure if he's messed with the power valve adjustment, the screw looks to be in the same position as when I sold it. Power valve mechanism all seems free but I don't know how to tell if its working properly. The power does feel as though the power valve is not opening. Any thoughts would be appreciated before I start stripping. Other info; 2008 exc silencer fitted. Main jet is a 182. Don't know if this is stock. Good compression, always starts 1st kick. Anyone?
  10. agermaney

    Ok checked the valves but need help

    There should be only light resistance as the feeler is pushed around in the gap. It sounds like new inlet valves are required but check you have the cam in the correct position for clearance checking first. If this is the first time the clearances have been checked, it might be worth one re-shim just to make sure the valves are on the move. Yes, the inlet lobes do point kind of rearward when the cam is in the correct position for checking. If in doubt, check again with the inlet lobes pointing upwards. You should get the same reading. Andy.
  11. agermaney

    250EXC silencer fitment

    Thanks guys, Much appreciated. Andy.
  12. agermaney

    FMF Q4 Exhaust Questions

    I have one. They are deffinately louder than stock. On a scale of "one to ten", if the stock pipe where "one" and an "R" pipe was "ten", I'd say the FMF Q pipe was "six". Hope this helps. Andy.
  13. agermaney

    250EXC silencer fitment

    Sorry if its been covered but I cant find the search button at the moment. Might be just my PC. My question is, will the silencer from a later '04 onwards 250EXC 2stroke fit my '03 model. Thanks, Andy.
  14. agermaney

    Odometer removal

    I cut off the two odometer mounting lugs on the front of the top yoke. Bent the bracket and bolted it to the front face of the top yoke. Drilled and tapped an M6 hole for this. Looks alot neater. I din't like clutter. Pm me your email and I'll send you a pic. Andy.
  15. agermaney

    CRF 450 X Clutch

    Doesn't sound right. There shound be a little free play in the cable ie 2-3mm between the perch and the lever. Make sure you've got the correct oil in the gearbox, I use Silkoline Light Gear Oil. If those two points are in order, I'd have a look at the clutch plates. Andy.