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  1. Washington

    there is a tricky spot down by the cement bridge, but other than that it's golden
  2. Washington

    Its open all the way. Went up the middle fork up to Gallager lake down 301 downthe road to 1307 and up Jolly Mnt / Yellow hill 8-2-10 What a trail!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Washington

    Me and a buddy came up from naches to Blowout last Saturday,went down the Tanuem side and back up the Big Creek trail then back on the ridge. Pretty rough, ruts and rocks. It was a great ride
  4. Tried riding Suntop last year and was stopped and told motorcycles were no longer allowed on that trail. The Divide trail gets alot of mountain bikers.
  5. It's a 26' toy hauler. do you have to make reservations for Grouse creek campground? Thanks
  6. Planing a trip to Mad River, have always camped on the Entiat side. Going to try the Lake Wenathee side this time. Looking at the Goose Creek or Grouse Creek campground, will either one fit a toy hauler and do either have group sites. also which would have best access to trails. Thanks for your help.
  7. Try the Lake Creek Camp ground, there is trailhead parking right above the campground. You can ride Mad River or Devils Backbone. great trails have fun
  8. Has anyone tryed the Tubliss system with a tubeless Trials tire? How does it hold up? Any problems? Thanks
  9. My brother in law went snowmobiling at government meadow on monday still 6 feet of snow at the cabin, he wanted to be able to say that he went sledding in June.
  10. Anyone know the conditions at East Fort Rock? Headed down middle of April, is there still snow? Thanks for any info.
  11. 4 days up at Entiat last october, riding all day and telling stories around the campfire with friends. moist dirt and blue sky, can't wait to go back.
  12. The 3 rides were all single track, Entiat, Gifford. Dunlop only makes the trials in tubeless . Does running a tube in it cause the knobs to peel off? They started cracking the first ride. Does the IRC hold up better?
  13. I tryed a dunlop trials tire on my 525, loved the traction and the ride but after 3 rides all the center knobs came off. Is this typical? Went back to a knobby , they last alot longer.
  14. Is that the little baldy trail ? If it is, its a fairly easy trail except for the last half mile where you go through rock field and up a narrow cliff. Take your time and you'll be fine. After that you hit the road that goes to the lookout and after that there is a 4wd trail that goes down to the Nile. FUN TRAIL
  15. the fuse on the starter relay is prone to getting dirt ,mud and water take the fuse out and clean . And then use a new fuse.