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  1. DoctorDRZ

    Another option for tail light

    Dude that is pretty sweet looking. I like how the edge system looks, but the only thing I dont like about it is how the license plate just hangs freely. Your setup kinda has the best of both worlds. By the way, what kind of tires are those? They look bad-ass compared to my stock death wings! DrDRZ
  2. DoctorDRZ

    DIRT CHEAP Berik OVS/OVS Pro boots

    I am in Indianapolis, IN. Do you know of any good riding places besides the Badlands and other well known stuff?
  3. DoctorDRZ

    DIRT CHEAP Berik OVS/OVS Pro boots

    Well shame on me for trying to tell some folks about a good deal. I bought an 07 400s this year, and am in the process of gearing up. I thought since I ran across a killer deal I'd let some of the people who have been helping me out with ideas for my DRZ of the future...mainly the 3x3 mod, dynojet kit, scotts steering stabilizer, some dunlop 606s or some trackmaster IIs, DRC edge tail light and flashers, some protaper bars...all of which I learned from reading hundreds of posts on this site over the past two months. I do apologize, however, if such "advertising" is not allowed or looked down upon, but my intention was to share some good news with folks can appreciate a good deal in the world of the never ending mod list.
  4. Not to bring competition to the TT store or anything (I do love it), but just wanted let you know that MotoXoutlet.com is selling their Berik OVS boots (new of course) for $169, and the carmichael boot Berik OVS Pro for $179:applause: . I have been searching the internet high and low for these boots the last week or so and this is BY FAR the cheapest price I have come across. I called the store and they said that the sizes and colors listed on the site are the sizes they have in stock. As of now, there are alot of sizes and colors --I just ordered blue Size 11 (pretty common size). Shipping is $15.