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    Glowing Red Exhaust!

    Great, thanks guys!! I feel kind of stupid for not knowing, but VERY relieved. Phew!
  2. skyydiver

    Glowing Red Exhaust!

    Guys, I may have done something terribly stupid, so if I have, take it easy please. Last weekend I performed my first oil change on my new TT-R 250. It's an 05, but new. Anyway, I did it all by the book and used 4 stroke racing oil, etc... Anyway, here's what I did tonight. I'm in OK, so I figure I'll have rideable days through most of the winter. I haven't ridden since the oil change, so I thought I'd warm the bike up in the garage, make sure the fluids didn't stagnate, charge the battery, etc. So I ran it for maybe 4 minutes, one on full choke, the rest at a halfway point. This is when I saw my exhaust pipe GLOWING bright red as it exits the manifold. I immediately shut the bike off and moved WAY back until it cooled. Is 4 minutes too long without airflow over the engine??? I felt like the thing should just be getting warm. Is this possibly a problem I could have caused when I changed the oil? I have put about 40 miles on this thing, and love it, but now I'm afraid I've messed up bad! Anyone think I've caused much damage? What should I do from here? Thanks in advance!