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  1. Techna02CR250

    Best looking bike contest*************

    Theres foam in there, just not much, i dont sit much when i ride, i need the freedom
  2. Techna02CR250

    02 CR250r What do you think?

    Well yes and no, i dont do much freestyle but the advantage of more freedom when riding i really like, pluss who sits anyways?
  3. Techna02CR250

    02 CR250r What do you think?

    Few small changes for the holidays, Going to Ocotillo wells this weekend cant wait.
  4. Techna02CR250

    Cleanest Bike!

    i dont like bulky seats, i can do much more with out the bulk, im not short by any means, 6 feet, something to try, its just a new foam, i still have the stock foam
  5. Techna02CR250

    Cleanest Bike!

  6. Techna02CR250

    Bikes with Black Rims Post them Here!

    black wheels excite me!
  7. Techna02CR250

    02 cr250 top end

    just buy from motosport.com complete kit for me was 129.00 and it came with piston all rings and gaskets for a complete top end. im in so cal also, took about 2 days for shipping and i was done in about 2 hours.
  8. Techna02CR250

    INSANE mini rider

    that was the gayest waste of time ever, who actually took the time to upload that crap
  9. Techna02CR250

    after pics from todays fall........

    Blood looks super fake, And you look way to happy in those pics
  10. Techna02CR250

    My first movie that I made :)

    Looking good, i got the same bike same graphics, and polished frame too haha, twins, well except your one red wheel... haha
  11. Techna02CR250

    Hill Climbs

    You some is great, i love it!