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    any stories about bad crashes

    testing for upcome season... first i tested seats and hated them all so i stuck with one i liked best which still wasnt right and wished i had brought my one from the previous season.. Then tried the new scott boots that i got, had them on for about 2 laps...so stupid, that guy should be shot so went back to my A-stars anyway all the while were breaking in this motor we built, this was when wiesco came out with the 14.5:1 piston so we tried that out with a regular stuff we do to our motors ignition cover cracks and lets the motor oil bolt back out, not lead up or squeal just 3th gear wide open to scrub this camel back, get to the top and the motor locks im in between trying to bail and get my head away from the bars cause where diving! lost of damage and well ill let the pictures do the talking!
  2. For years ive been putting off pulling the trigger on one of these and then MDK Hard parts devision tanked... so i knew i could get the oil filter cover from PWR for 100 bucks and machine my stock cover myself to make it work and order a small cooler and hoses and try and build my own, after pricing it out, i should of just bought the kit. So through my hours wasted on ebay i found this kit. Its basically the MDK oil filter adapters and cooler (minus the sticker on the cooler mount) assembly and the guy throws a power steering fluid hose and fittings kit in with it... 120.00 bucks and its at my door, not bad considering the kit from MDK retail put you back 400 bones. First thing... theres no chance that this will fit with the works connection radiator braces so thats a bummer. I also had to switch from my after market hoses ( custom fluid works hose 2.99 a foot!) and back to the stock black one. no big deal. it has a custom bent mounting bracket thats welded to the side of the cooler. that fits nicely around the curves and creases in the radiator. I initially had some alignment issues as it shares the same 2 holes as the plastic radiator fins, this was a combination of production line drilled holes and i can only assume after 3 years the radiators are not exactly straight and true. so with some mild tweaking with a pair of composite pliers (didn't wanna narc the aluminum up!) i got everything lines up. i mounted the cooler unit then the filter adapters and then went to pluming. Thinking ahead, i left the the mount bolts loose until i was happy with everything. I was a little disappointed that i was provided with 4 foot of power steering fluid hose and these ugly Phillips head hose clamps.... the inside line on the cooler, once mounted with the hose and clamp, rests on elbow coming out of the radiator, its dose tilt the cooler to the right a little but this will easily be fixed once my parts get here but well get to that... it mounted up easy as pie and all in less then an hour id say. I asked the guy on ebay how much extra oil will this hold... he told me to check the window:bonk: So i added some oil and then let it run for about 2 minutes, shut it off and added a little bit more. Got it to where she was happy and so was i. Im not sure how much i added but im going to change oil this week so ill measure whats in it then. My first ride with it was yesterday at my track. Its a mix of really tight slippery sandy supercross with some semi long straight aways. I was nervous... something goes wrong with this thing we could have a whole bag of problems.. did a few easy laps and let it cool off with not issues. Then went out and ran an all out 15 minute sprint and it was all good, ever so often i would notice a little hiss or hum coming from down under that i haven't heard from out of my motor.. its either me hearing oil whipping through the cooler or now that im thinking about it, a pin hole exhaust leak under the sub-frame mount. investigation to come... anyway, everything seemed peachy after finishing that moto and then me and my buddy did a little free riding on some hills near by for about 30 minutes and then we both did a 10 lap moto following that and everything seemed to check out. The bike didn't seem to preform any different with it on but it looks cool and that what matter right? I ordered nylon hose and different style clamps to clean it up a little and get everything moving free. My winter plan is to cut the existing mounting bracket off and mounting the cooler like the PC bike mount theres; they have the coolers mounted on the inside next the frame and are secured with a mounting plate welded to the bottom of the radiator, the cooler its mounted to that with nuts and bolts, this version allows the rad, braces to fit! ill try and find a picture. Summary: 2nd Hand lions version of the MDK oil Cooler kit off ebay for 120 bucks! On a 2007 CRF 450 Goes: Look Fabulous Adds X? amount of CC's to the engine oil Easy install and maintenance. The oil is coooooolllllerrrrr:banana: Whoas: minor alignment issues (proably my fault) Something else for me to worry about failing. Rad braces didn't fit with this mounting method guess work now that MDK is MIA. Overall: Im glad i did it and i enjoy it as a performance part just as much as a conversation piece and project. Seems like the guy had a few of them on ebay if some of you off road guys want to search for one. Ill try to update the improvements i make to it... Sorry for the book! Thanks guys This is the mounting system in going for, in principle:
  3. Hoyackracing829

    Who has the nicest Honda?

    buying another one today and got an oil cooler for this one from MDK so pumped, and might me scoring a diamond kit from RG3
  4. Hoyackracing829

    anyone have pr2 racing port a head

    PR2 is a company out of PA that recently partnered with Fox Racing shocks and is now there designated trackside support at all the amateur nationals and such. Chris Durham is the brains behind the operation, and yes he is the father of Shane and Daryn Durham. I know that there engine program used to be outstanding when Broc Heplers dad was building motors for them but i have since heard that Hepler has moved on to other things.. Can't say enough about how good pr2 suspension is but i know a lot the guys in that area that are getting any motor work done are going to Chad Sanner over at eleven10 mods. The 250f motors that he builds for HOT put out more horsepower then the Geico bikes and ive seen the paperwork to prove it, give him a call.
  5. Hoyackracing829

    Bike PORN (I hope)

    Thanks guys i really put a lot of time and effort into this machine and appreciate the comments. The chain is lose because i had wheels taken a part, i polished and cleaned everything and then had the guy put them back together and they where backwards, so he re did them and there backwards again. So when i went to ride on Sunday i had to switch to my 250f wheel so i had the tension all the way in to avoid having to roll the chain on. Haven't gotten to the chain yet because there wheels are coming back off today. What in it now? New FMF 4.1 with mega Bomb + E-Line carbon Fiber mega bomb guard SunStar thin stamped sproket + DID 520 chain (50-14) Talon hubs/Excel wheels/ Bull dog spokes with spline drives cyrca power flow plastic set + number plates FLU Xyience Team grapics kit 180 Decals (Ryan Dungey Replica) one-off backgrounds Sunline VX1 levers Fluidsystems custom radiator hoses Creet bump seat E-line skid plate ( planing on drilling it like the factory bikes) Factory connection F/R with A-kit internals MOTOR: 13.8:1 Piston Port & polish Valve job Spray on bed liner the cases and then scratched the clutch while installing the motor (dumb ass) The gold on the tank is high temp heat tape, it keeps the gas from reaching a boiling temperature thus causing vapor lock. Anyone debating on trying it i would spend the extra cash on the gold in is a million times easier to work with then the sliver. I think that's it mostly. appreciate the feed back The dog is running & check out some more pics of the bike in the "who's got the best looking bike & babe thread"
  6. Hoyackracing829

    Bike PORN (I hope)

    Just finished it Saturday night. Motor work and all. Let me know what you think! Please excused the looser then hell chain and gold unraveling from the fuel like.
  7. Hoyackracing829

    Steering Stem Bearings

    Really quick i was wondering if anyone has the number off the bottom of the steering stem bearing from 2007 CRF450. its probably the same for many years but i wanted to see if i could cross reference with a bearing supply or McMaster Carr. Thanks or if someone has done it already.. help a brother out!
  8. Hoyackracing829

    James Stewarts Bike

    http://charlotte.craigslist.org/mcy/1018292969.html Factory bikes get unloaded all the time, where else would they go? its the parts that you or me will never see.
  9. Hoyackracing829

    Radiator Hoses

    on my honda CRF 450 the ignition is right behind main down tube on the front of the frame. maybe i could start the revolution!
  10. Hoyackracing829

    Radiator Hoses

    So let me start by saying that I'm the man when it comes to unnecessary equipment. So i want a technical opinion on putting my radiator hoses in heat sleeve's to keep the coolant cooler when outside the radiators near the exhaust and hot motor, or do you think it would be doing more damage then help? also i was thinking about wrapping the coil in heat film too, or you think the same deal, do you think it would just keep more heat in. I want serious opinions, not "maybe you should save up for a suspension work" or something stupid like that.
  11. Hoyackracing829

    Colored Spokes

    ya i ride for that guy. but there was an oven issue when i approached him with the spoke idea. he doing my whole motor black and red so ill post pictures of the bike completely done.
  12. Hoyackracing829

    how much yall paying for vp 4.2?

    9.00 a gallon, i ran it straight till i tore my motor down and didn't like what i saw... now i mix it 60/40 with 100-Air plane fuel. when i run out I'm going to run this new stuff sunoco made i forget the name but its the competitor for 4.2. plus its cheaper
  13. Hoyackracing829

    Colored Spokes

    I'm going to try the shrink wrap method with spoke savers, if you use heavy duty stuff i think it will hold up better then the powder coating, plus its way cheaper!