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  1. jamesr1254

    Buying a 99 RM 125?

    Thanks, We are going to go look at it in just a little bit.
  2. jamesr1254

    Buying a 99 RM 125?

    Anyone got any suggestions for me when going with my step-bro who is buying his first bike tomorrow. It supposedly has a new top end, a rear excel gold rim, new tires. Looks pretty clean. Thanks!
  3. jamesr1254

    James Stewart MySpace Whip

    Wow thats insane
  4. jamesr1254

    97 Taco 4x4s?

    I think the 97's had either the 2.4, 2.7 or 3.0L. I am not sure though If it is a 3.0 might want to be somewhat careful, my dad had a 3.0 4runner a longggg time ago and he had a bunch of problems with it. He has a newer one (2002, 101kmiles ) with a 3.4L and it runs great! I can say my tacoma with the 2.7L was a great truck as well, i'd reccomend getting a 5speed if you can!
  5. jamesr1254

    Riding pics from Sunday........

    Awesome pictures, I always love seeing skilled quad riders on here too
  6. jamesr1254

    Looking at a new Chevy

    Congrats on the new truck, sounds pretty sweet! Post up some pictures when you get it!
  7. jamesr1254

    125/250f D or C Racing Videos?

    Around here all that info is correct except they call A is Expert:ride:
  8. jamesr1254

    Million Mile Truck

    I agree that the newer 3.4s are doing well, don't the brand new 6 cylinder Tacoma's have a larger motor like 4.0 or something along those lines?
  9. jamesr1254

    Cleaning/polishing rear hub?

    Thanks for the quick reply delightfreestylemx!
  10. jamesr1254

    Pics of me from last season- 250D state champ

    Congrats, but I thought D class had to roll all jumps? Just curious?
  11. jamesr1254

    Cleaning/polishing rear hub?

    What kind of material is a rear hub made of? ( from a 2000 yz 125) Im trying to clean it up some and get it to look a little flashier. Any reccomended steps? Thanks!
  12. jamesr1254

    How much would you.....

    Depending on the parts, maybe. In the newspaper here there was 07 250f's for 3500 ( race team i think). Also, Im willing to bet you could get a brand new 07 for the low 4,000 range meaning under 4500 if you are willing to drive?
  13. jamesr1254

    How many from PGH area?

    I live in Latrobe, where Rolling Rock used to be made. Why did I even post since I dont have a bike right now? Sorry
  14. jamesr1254

    Toyota Tacoma

    I had a 1999 Toyota Tacoma, White 125k miles, 2.7l 5 speed ext cab trd. Biggest mistake I ever did was getting rid of it. Sold it for 9,000$ a few months ago. Great trucks, only problems are with the Emergency brake line loosening up over time and this results in needing tightened or your light will stay on ( bugged me lol) Get one without thinking twice!
  15. jamesr1254

    2008 kx250f before n after

    Cool looking bike, bet its a blast to ride too!