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  1. redrider661

    need to kno!!!

    i am a experianced rider accualy i just didnt kno alot about the 250 4 strokes and it is my first one so i was hopin this would work out and so far it has i had read in a TWMX mag that the carbon pro gives alot of power and thought to give it a try but the hydro clutch is one i am realy looking at just a question tho is it chanable to another bike liek just a new crf250?
  2. redrider661

    need to kno!!!

    i just got a new 06 crf250r and i was wondering a couple things and other peoples opinions about some parts on the bike. plz let me kno which ones are good and wut i should add or change thx these are the parts i am looking at: white bros carbon rpo full system hydro clutch anarchy graphics ASV c5 levers rethenal fat bars or twinwalls works skid plate