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  1. good luck mate,cant wait to see this unfold
  2. after looking at it again i dont think i can risk using it like that,anyone here have my issues when fitting there rekluse ? or did it all sit flush with the basket
  3. hi yes thats right i have got a very thick gasket with the kit,and its to space the clutch cover,i think your bang on there will let you know if it fails anytime soon lol thanks for that sometimes you dont see whats staring you right in the face
  4. yes everything done by the book and the guide on here, my bike uses 8 frictions the rekluse calls for all 8 god knows whats up at a loss with what to do now,i will pull it apart again in the morning i guess
  5. Hi all just installed my rekluse z start pro to my yz250 along with new oem fibers,but notice the rekluse plate that holds the balls sticks out past my clutch basket by about 2 mill is this normal,i have checked that i never got the adjustment steel plate mixed up with the normal rekluse steels but i have not, this to me does not look right anyone here shed any light on it thanks.
  6. thanks dan,i did think that was a hefty price for the gear assembly lol thanks for the info cheers
  7. anyone know before i bite the bullet and have to get an aftermarket, the part numbers shown are the same for the gear,but no mention of the basket on any part diagrams
  8. hi all anyone know if the 99 yz250 clutch basket and primary gear will fit the yz250 2005 model thanks
  9. thanks very much,never heard of that msr lever i will have a google and thanks for info on the basket i did think that would be the case cheers for confirming.
  10. adz_244

    Rebuilding the 08

    md racing in the uk will sell the bits seperate but shipping maybe a killer looking forward to seeing yours evolve 650racer http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UFO-YAMAHA-YZ-125-250-03-12-RESTYLED-REAR-FENDER-WHITE-4836-/271327105032?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item3f2c5b1008
  11. really fancy fitting a rekluse exp to my yz250 its a 2005 model the oem basket is good i will be getting new plates fibres and steels,but am i ok to run the oem basket anyone here run an exp on the standard basket ? i love this bike and really dont want to sell it,i had a new shape 2011 ktm xc250 previously and thought it was the most over rated crap handling bike i have ever wasted my money on (dont get me wrong may have been a lemon and i do have a soft spot for ktm but wont be going back thats for sure))looked nice just never felt comfy with it, would love to keep the yz feel so at home on it from the first ride just hate the clutch pull its getting my arms pumped up pretty bad after an hour or so...i need to get a rekluse i think it will be the icing on the cake so any advise regarding the use of standard basket would be great
  12. adz_244

    ufo restyle kit question about rear fender

    thanks dan think i will order the full kit and see what its like in person so to speak,as seen a few blue ones like tommy's in that link and the fender dont look too long,seen some white ones that look like the fender sticks out a hell of alot cheers.
  13. hi all does anyone know if i can use my racetech rear fender with the restyled side pannels,or does it need to be the restyle rear fender aswell, its just the restyled one look a bit long in my eyes cheers.
  14. adz_244

    yz 125 rebuild with some pics

    those bikes are so trick smez,stunning work