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  1. duals are crap, i rekon theyr only on there for the look at me factor. Singles are much better and more power gains can be acheived with singles
  2. Pro Honda HP4....
  3. nope, i made the mistake to beleive that it would on my 06. You can still put it on it but you need work to be done. I had to pull out that silver gasket paper stuff outa the stock midpipe and got a yamaha gasket (not sure off which bike, didnt ask) and then had to cut a peice out of it to fit the powerbomb onto the midpipe. Was a fair effort and took a while, not like a 2min bolt up like i thought it would be! 1 month after that i went and bought full WB Aluminium Pro, best thing ive ever done, and that only took 2min to bolt up haha. Any troubles PM me il try to help u out as much as i can
  4. Ah come again? Cam_229 dont listen to this guy. There is a reason why White Bros price tag is high because they are good! And worth every penny. I bought a WB aluminium full system single for my 06. The pipe really woke the bike up. Heaps of power gains and revs harder and longer too
  5. if you can afford it go full system, otherwise just get a slip on n tell ya mates its a full system lol! All jokes aside you most probably will notice improvements but not as much as from a full system cough: go white bros!cough:
  6. If your talking about getting the rear tyre off, loosen the chain tensioners so u can push the wheel forward enough to get the chain off, then undo the axel nut about halfway on the thread, get a rubber mallet and hit it and keep undoing the nut a lil bit at a time, then you should be albe to pull the axel out from the other side, support the wheel b4 tho
  7. Same thing here 2, after a race night (3 motos and 1 practice) Im always down on the dipstick, maybe its normal? I dunno
  8. It most probably wont, my powerbomb on my 06 didnt match up to the stock Y pipe, but i got some yamaha gasket and cut it and stuffed it in there to make it fit. A few gaps though, and it had a dodgy mount up to the engine too
  9. I rekon my 06 is piss quiet compared to some of the other 250f's at the track with there stock pipes. I just bought a WB aluminium pro and cant wait to put that thing on. Its guna be so loud and beasty, i love loud bikes, no noise restriction law gammen things either!
  10. lol how did you do that?
  11. Awsome, i just bought a single white bros aluminium pro system for my 06, u rekon i should re-jet it?
  12. We dont have any rules about S/A and db levels i think. I mainly only ride at the MX track anyway
  13. Hey guys, just bought a single WB aluminium pro full system second hand off ebay for $200USD for my 06, pretty good bargain i rekon. Anyway just wondering whos got them on their bikes and how they like the set-up and should i repack it? Does it make any difference. Ive heard that they are quite loud. Thats good lol:ride:
  14. Muzzy is an Australian company i think, some guy had 1 on his KXF 250 at the track, sounded pretty good and he liked it
  15. Oil

    Honda HP-4, you can use it on both sides too