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  1. 27_mod


    Heard that!
  2. 27_mod

    Clutchless shifting vs Powershifting?

    My 01 CR250 sounds like a pissed bumblebee with the full on power shift! Leave 'er on the pin and start clutchin and bangin gears! No 4t sounds that good!
  3. 27_mod

    Anybody run a 450 in harescrambles?

    01 CR 250, bark busters, Drop the hammer!
  4. 27_mod

    450 or 250 2 stroke!?

    Get the smoker, it'll make you grin every time it hits the pipe! So will the rebuild for a buck and a half too. If you're a total power freak pick up a used CR500 AF and hang on.
  5. 27_mod

    Traction In MUD!!!

    New tires are a definite plus too.
  6. 27_mod

    Crash-frequence increase

    Nothing sucks worse than bailin' and having to go home after just getting started! I've done it twice this year.
  7. 27_mod

    What makes the fast guys so fast?

    I try to look as far ahead as possible and ride a lot. having really good tires and a good suspension set up will help you not to "fight the bike" and make it predictable. If at all possible learn the course and have the turns memorized. This really helps me when the trees fill out with plumage. Nothing replaces seat time! And a good set of bark busters:thumbsup:
  8. 27_mod

    Rear wheel hopping

    I think I will try to stiffen up the compression a few more clicks to even out the settings between the two. I guess I never thought of it hopping into the compression stroke. Now that you said that it does make sense. Thanks for the info!
  9. I know on my CR when the rebound is clear to the Soft setting it's feels like a pogo stick, I can just about bunny hop the thing. Just a idea to try, soften the rebound and throw all your weight into the face of the jump to compress it all the way and it should really get some good height for ya. I don't claim to know a thing but it seems to work for me. Those doubles right after turns can be tricky.
  10. 27_mod

    CRF450R Setup for a big boy.......?

    I'm in the same boat as you are with the weight problem. I am also looking for that magic combo. I have gone through all kinds of set ups and am just about to go on to the next thicker oil in the front and rear. I can spring it up and adjust the clickers good for MX but then it just about kills you in the tight rooted trails when I need a soft set up. I'm beginning to think a guy needs two bikes. One for MX and one for pleasure and woods riding. But I have things really close by just going with the rear spring rate that Race Tech recommended. Right now I just soften all the compression clickers for the woods and put them back for the track. BTW I'm just about 260#.
  11. 27_mod

    Rear wheel hopping

    The rear shock was rebuilt by the Honda dealer last summer. As far as I can tell it works good. I don't have access to a shock dyno so I can't be for shure it was done correctly. I do know that it has a full charge of nitrogen and the clickers do make a difference when adjusted. It is sprung properly for my weight and I have the sag set at approx 100 - 105mm. This hopping crap only happens when I'm entering a very rough and fast entrance to a tight corner. On smooth or even fairly rough conditions it is great. The current clicker settings are four in on the comp. and ten in on the rebound. Could it possibly be the rear rubber? It is getting pretty sad. About 1/2 left.
  12. 27_mod

    Rear wheel hopping

    I have a 00 CR 250 and when it is really dry and hard packed the rear will start hopping violently when I'm on the binders quite hard. I have gone in with the rebound clicker about ten clicks (on the rear) and it seems to be 90% better. I just want to know if I made the right correction to the problem or if I am just covering up a problem in a different area.
  13. 27_mod

    how to land without a landing

    Don't stress, he's just pissy cause he got stuck with that tank of a minibike! Those things gotta have 50# on a cr85! I guess out in Cali you prolly can't even buy a 2t out there on the left coast any how. I'd be pissy too.
  14. 27_mod

    Sand berm.

    Sand is cool cause you can blast through the stuff wide open! If you can run a little less air it will help some. Another good thing about sand is when you bail it doesn't hurt as bad! P.S. no front brake allowed!!!
  15. 27_mod

    Animal Hazards!

    Saw a kid many years ago that hit a dog. That dude bailed with authority! That full grown Collie tore up his new QT 80. The dog just recently passed away a few years later. The 80 has been long dead.