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  1. Looking to roll a set of new rims and hubs on my first ever KTM, and it's 2016.5 FE edition. Does anyone have a set of the KTM Powerparts Kite's with the Excel's ? Kite's with A60's or Talon's with A60's or TCR's with A60's open for any opinions. and post some pix's of your wheels sets
  2. I moved my forks up to the 12mm and set the sag at 105. And it tracks and corners like a dream. i just ordered the 4:1 FMF Ty system for mine plus a Twin Air Power Flow kit. So we will see.
  3. Well i some great news today. My dealer called me and said that they got one in today with mold in graphics. And they are switching VIN#'s and selling that one to me tomorrow. I can not wait. Thanks
  4. Went to the dealer today to pick mine up. And to my surprise, that this years Factory Edition (or the first rounds) do not come with mold in graphics? My dealer's KTM rep said that the early ones' do not, but in about 45 to 60 days that I would be getting the mold-in ones. Has anyone else been told that. I was totally bummed at first.
  5. Mike, I'm waiting on mine also. what have you done all to yours so far? I see the pipe and Hinson cover? Please what else.. Jeff
  6. This my first post. I have a 2007 CRF450R. 2 weeks ago i went riding and i was missing shifts. i thought it was my timing. So i loaded up and called it a day. Went riding today. and missed a bunch, mostly in 3rd, 4th & 5th. Popping into neutral. Just wondering if anyone has had this problem. I have had a 03,04, & 05,but no problems. I have never seen anything in the mag's on this this problem with the CRF's. If anyone could give me a line on where to start. It would be great.