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  1. Lites: Dalton Dimick #27, Matt Abbott #516 Supermoto: Chris Fillmore #11, Robbie Horton #355, Fillmore was Ward's teamate on Troy Lee Honda last year. He took 3rd behind Burkhart and Ward Saturday night.
  2. I don't think it was promoted very well. I only knew about it because I went last year and was anxiously awaiting this years race... and looking for it.
  3. I had the opportunity to go to the AMA Supermoto in Nashville this weekend. It was awesome! If you get a chance to go this year, I highly recommend it! Here's a link to some pics I got for those interested: http://www.bikerswag.com/pics_SMOTO2007.html BTW... as an "old guy" myself, it's nice to see Jeff Ward out there, still kickin' booty!
  4. Another rookie question here: I re-packed my silencer tonight... something that I'm sure has not been done in a long, long time. (Previous owner was not very meticulous.) Pulled the pack out and the bottom end was soaked in oil. Is this normal for one that hasn't been re-packed in forever? Or, is it a sign I am running way too rich? Not sure what to think since I've never done this before. BTW... I run Mobil Synthetic at 32:1.
  5. Swag

    New MX practice track(s) in Cleveland TN

    I would be there at least once a month... and I can tell you that many Nashville area riders would be more than interested. Please send me a PM as soon as you are open for business!
  6. I removed the expansion chamber from my '93 CR250 recently and since I have re-installed it I am getting an annoying little oil drip from where it fits into the silencer pipe. Is there some way I can seal this? Will a high temp silicone be OK to use??? Do they make any kind of sealer tape for this??? Any help appreciated.
  7. I just put a '04 CRF250 front fender on my '93 CR250 and it bolted right on with no mods.
  8. Swag

    Help Sprucing Up The '93 CR250

    Nice looking bike you have there cr2fidy!
  9. Swag

    Help Sprucing Up The '93 CR250

    Sure... that was my project last winter. It's an '84 Kawi 550LTD with lots of stuff chopped off. Here ya go: Go here for more pics and the whole story http://www.bikerswag.com/pics_MADKAW.html
  10. Swag

    Help Sprucing Up The '93 CR250

    Awe man! I thought that was original but I guess I saw it on your pic. Remember... imitation = highest form of flattery
  11. Swag

    Help Sprucing Up The '93 CR250

    Thanks again for everyones help... here is the final version... and I'm really diggin' it. You can check out the whole process by going here: http://www.bikerswag.com/pics_CRSPRUCE.html
  12. I just pulled the tank graphics off of an old Honda CR250 and the white plastic is pretty stained where the graphics were. Is there anything I can do to get that tank white again? I scrubbed with Goo Gone and soap and water and it didn't even start to remove the stain. Any help or sharing of stain-removing tricks appreciated.
  13. I'm not sure yet... so far the only place I have found that even makes them for a 93 is http://www.graphicmx.com. If anyone has suggestions on a source for graphics, please let me know.
  14. I started sprucing up the ole '93 CR250 and thought some here might enjoy following the project. I'm having fun with it... follow the link below for pics. http://www.bikerswag.com/pics_CRSPRUCE.html
  15. Swag

    Taking pictures at a track

    Typically you have to be affiliated with a publication to get a full access Press Pass to any medium or major size event. To start you might want to approach some smaller tracks in your area and offer to take shots of their events for them. It's kind of a win/win because you get access to an event where you can shapen your skills and they get free pics to use on their website, etc. Have you shot motocross before? I have a few times and man it is tough! You'll need a pretty fast lens of about 200mm. Here's links to a few events I've covered. These were all shot with a 20D. The indoor motocross event was a nightmare because the lighting sucked so bad. http://www.bikerswag.com/pics_06SUPERMOTO.html http://www.bikerswag.com/pics_BALLANCE.html http://www.bikerswag.com/pics_07SVILLINDOOR.html