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  1. Same thing happened to me in April...broke the Femoral ball off of my Femur and crushed my hand. Two surgeries and five months later I am just now able to put full weight on my leg. Worst part of the whole ordeal was last Friday when I sold my '06 450X and had to watch as it drove away in the back of someone else's truck . This might not be the correct thread to preach Rhino safety but if you love riding your X, please be responsible and take all precautions when riding in those four wheel "widow makers"....its truly a hard pill to swallow when you lose the ability to ride.
  2. robzila27

    Johnnyairtime & Cubera talk to us

    F.Y.I... the district 37 nationals on Oct 28 will be filmed for a television show called PINNED. Shown in San Diego and Las Vegas, there is a good chance of getting yourself on TV if you come out and participate in the event. The show does a good job focusing on the average racer and tries to give some much needed exposure to the backbone of sport....the weekend racer. I'm not trying to hijack the thread, but I know Airtime is familiar with the show and could vouch for it. Also, the executive producer rides an X and wouldn't trade it for the world.
  3. robzila27

    Boyesen quick shot cover

    I installed th AP cover from Scary Fast and love it. IMHO it seems to help with throttle response and I got it for around $90.00.
  4. robzila27

    IMS tank and Graphics

    With the 3.2 gallon tank from IMS you use the stock shrouds and graphics are not a problem. If you get a bigger tank, like a 4 gallon, then the shrouds are built in as part of the tank.... graphics won't work. I have the 3.2 gallon and love it.
  5. robzila27

    450x for a tall guy

    I am 6'5" and felt a little cramped with the stock bars. I added a Scott's sumbount stabilizer (raises bar height 3/4") and installed a set of Pro Tapers (Windham bend, but you can get taller with the Pastrana). These changes made all the difference in the world. Plenty of room to spread out and let it fly! IMHO I don't think you will have a problem setting up the X for your height.... like most others in this forum, I can positively say the X is the best bike I have ever ridden.
  6. robzila27

    Plating my "X" in Arizona?

    Does anyone have any experience in riding Arizona plated "Off Road Vehicles" in the California Desert areas? I have an opportunity to register my 450X in Arizona as a licensed vehicle, but the majority of the riding I do is in California..... Has anyone been hassled by the rangers with a plated bike while riding in CA? Does simply having a tag give you imunity while riding in licensed OHV areas? or do you still need to have all the other stuff (turn signals, brake light, etc...). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  7. robzila27

    Pro Taper Bars

    Windham bend with Scott's submount.... 6'5" and i'm comfortable when standing.
  8. robzila27

    Got my Scott's & BRP installed

    Thanks for the feedback... I ordered the Windham MX and think it should be a good set up for me.
  9. robzila27

    Got my Scott's & BRP installed

    Looks Great! I just ordered my Scott's BRP sub mount for my X today, but I am debating whether or not to get the CR high bend or CR mid bend bars from Pro Taper. The sub mount raises the bar height by 1" and it looks like you went with the high bend? How does the bar position feel? I am 6'5" but I am afraid of getting the bars too high. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.