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  1. dylanmx

    Yz250 crank bearing

    Thanks for the reply. Cranks On order!
  2. dylanmx

    Yz250 crank bearing

    Changing possible worn right side crank seal. Removed the old seal, found a fair amount of up and down play in the crankshaft. Looks like it was between the bearing inner race and crank. With the new seal in it was harder to notice the movement in the shaft. Isn't this soposed to be an interference fit? Possibly the cause of the failed seal. Just need some re assurance before ordering a crank kit
  3. dylanmx

    Tranny oil?

    Is it okay for me to run 10 40 bel ray synthetic ester blend thumper oil In the tranny of my yz250? Currently running bel ray gear saver 80wt or something like that. Am I compromising the integrity of my motor by running an oil designed for four strokes?
  4. dylanmx

    yz250 shock nitro charge

    Done. Thank you!
  5. Just rebuilt my rear shock and im looking for a starting point for the nitrogen charge. Im 180lbs. Novice rider riding mostly in sand and some loam. The shock is a 2006 yz250's.
  6. dylanmx

    identify the shock in my YZ250

    I checked with rockymountain where I ordered the kit initially and they sell the same kit 06-14. That ballpark range is good enough for me. I can order my parts and button things up. Thanks for the help
  7. dylanmx

    identify the shock in my YZ250

    Any idea what year of kit I could get that would match an 06+ shock. Im just assuming that there might have been a few years that the models were the same. Or any more info on more closly finding out what year the shocks from?
  8. dylanmx

    identify the shock in my YZ250

    Those are the guts
  9. Went to rebuild my 2005 YZ 250's shock with a pivot works rebuild kit and nothing in kit matched up. The seal heads inner diameter was to small compared to my shaft, the bladder was to small and the kit came with 2 o rings that didnt exist in my shock. Im still in the process of figuring out if I have got the wrong kit, but in case I didnt how can I id my shock? Theres a P59E and 2521 stamped into in down by the bottom bearing if that any use. I attached a pic of the kit I was sent.
  10. dylanmx

    Daytona RCSX

    Im Canadian and I want to race the C class at the RCSX in Daytona. I think I read that you need to have a AMA membership to race. I thought those were only for pro riders though. Does anyone know what I might need to race it? And is C class similar to novice in Canada?
  11. Hey ive got a 2008 rmz250, it makes a strange chattering sound when idoling with no choke. Realized its the "floating valve" which pops on to the back of the throttle valve in the carb. Im not exactly sure how this "floating valve" operates. i dont think the chattering is affecting the performance of the machine. If anyone else has had this problem, does replacing that floating valve fix it? The noise doesnt bother me but im only thinking of the bikes resale when im done with it. Thanks for any info. 2008 rmz250
  12. dylanmx

    ReOccuring fork problems

    It does stop, so I guess it's all good. Thanks.
  13. dylanmx

    ReOccuring fork problems

    Haha I got That same kit. All the bushings are new and the Teflon scratch free.
  14. dylanmx

    ReOccuring fork problems

    I clean my Bike everyride and use papertowls to clean around my dust seals. I've been usin all balls seals though was thinking that might be a problem