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  1. hihank

    Fork Spring translation

    perfect - thanks!
  2. hihank

    Fork Spring translation

    Have a set of CR85 fork springs that are listed as 3244838 on the box - I think that is 32 448 3,8. Can anyone tell me what weight rider these are for? tks
  3. hihank

    What are my wheels worth?

    OK thanks - Ala, do you still have yours for sale? do not see them on craigs list.
  4. hihank

    What are my wheels worth?

    If you want to downsize an expert, do you just need the smaller wheels or do you need the swing arm too? and ALA, did you sell yours. War Eagle
  5. hihank

    ttr50 dead battery

    it has two on/off switches - key and handlebar, make sure both are off. and I had to order a new rectifier for mine since it was draining the battery - $100 ;-( You can ck part # etc at Ronnies.
  6. hihank

    Lithium Battery Conversion Chart

    OK - found my answer by calling NKG tech support - quick and spoke English! Technical Support hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday-Friday EST tel: 1-877-473-6767 prompt #2 for my bike I found Std NKG BR10EG Lithium IXBR10EIX or 9EX
  7. Does anyone know where to find a cross reference chart for lithium batteries? Trying to switch from NKG BR10EG but cannot find the new number.
  8. have a clean 05 80. starts right up but then starves for gas. I added a fuel filter today but that only made it worse. It was running fine around the yard but took it out on the road for the first time and it would run for a while and then die - seemed worse on the straight aways - we wait, choke a little, fire it up and off we go until it happens again. new plug, Uni air filter looks fine. have gas additive in the gas (we have the !^&*@ 10% ethanol here). Any suggestions? take the carb apart? It will leak if left standing with gas on - float? bad gas, start over with fresh tank? tks
  9. hihank

    Starting problem

    great - thanks - had no idea that there is a constant drain - none of my other bikes do that. will make the wire mods per your suggestion tks
  10. hihank

    Starting problem

    thanks - will run the above - the battery is fairly new. kickstart is just a back us since the bike sits for long periods and then need to fire it up.
  11. hihank

    Starting problem

    I have an odd situation - sometimes the starter will not turn over - like the battery is dead - if I put in gear and roll the bike a foot or so, then it will start. It has a kick starter added recently if that can be related. ?? tks
  12. hihank


    did you ever work this out? I just put a TTR90 swing arm on a 50 - it fit ok - had to weld a piece for the brake drum to mount and spacers where the shock mounted. so they are pretty compatible. I wanted a longer swing arm on the 50 - not sure why you would want a shorter one on a 90 unless you are looking at after market swingarm. the 90 was about an inch longer than the 50's.
  13. any ideas on extending or getting a longer rear brake rod when adding a longer swingarm? the Honda 85/100 is a lot longer (aprox 18" vs 10"?) Would be nice if something fits without cutting and welding. tks
  14. hihank

    TTR50 Funky Carb - adjustments?

    The TTR50 has electrical connection on the carb - never seen that - ?? the choke comes down from the bars, got that OK, but there is another connection by the electrical one that I have never seen before either - anyway, got carb off the bike. It is hard to start - found the oil in the airfilter issue - cleaned that out, installed a Uni, routed the oil overflow hose away from the air filter box, new oil - all per TT - thanks. may need new plug - hope Napa has them on Sunday. Got a jet kit that included a 15 pilot, and 70 & 75 main jets. I installed the pilot and the 70. WE live at about 3,000 feet, humid. 1) do the jets sound right with the Uni and altitude? 2) how many turns should I put on the adjustable jets - the mixture screw did not have a plug over it. 3) if install a free flow tip on the stock muffler, what additional adjustments would be needed? Grand son comes Sunday - need to get this thing running!! thanks
  15. hihank

    183 lb XR200

    thanks for foot peg info - I have a BBR frame and found lowering the pegs was complicated as you indicated in your reply. there are lots of bikes with frames like the BBR that are bigger - have you looked into using a larger frame? seems like a lot of work to get the BBR to fit an adult. tks PS: if you break the break lever, fix it, don't just call BBR and order a replament like I did - $200!! ;-)