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  1. okiemac

    Selling the X

    I'm thinking about selling my '03 XR 400 and switching to a quad. It has less than 25 hrs. and is in show room condition. What would be a fair asking price.
  2. okiemac

    New to board! Need TTR 230 Help.

    I bought a new '06 TTR 230 for my son back in May. The bike only has 4 or 5 hours on it. Getting loud popping from exhaust on decel, and bike won't idle. Have to rechoke to start even when engine is warm. Bike will idle for about 30 seconds and will then die. During this 30 second period you can hear a knock in the cylinder (like it's trying to seize) and then a "puff" sound. I figured it was too lean and the puff sound was the engine starving for air. The bike is still under warranty. Should I take back to dealer, or just adjust A/F screw? Once I figure this out I will "uncork" based on the instructions I found on this site. Thanks in advance for any input.