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    Electrical problems

    Ok, now that stores are open again I'll go pick up a new fuse. Thanks for the help.
  2. IVokternel

    Electrical problems

    Okay.... So my '03 DRZ400S was stolen then recovered 8 days later. They stole a couple things from the tool kit, cracked the handguard, and ripped the ignition off. They pushed it a mile from where it was stolen but never managed to start it. When I picked it up from the impound yard I didn't have a truck so I hotwired it to ride it home. At home in an attempt un-hotwire it one of the ignition wires touched the fork and blew something out. I have the ignition still but it's pretty much smashed. Looks like they tried to hammer a screwdriver down the keyway. So now when I cross the same wires just like I did to hotwire it, I get no lights, no speedo, nothing. My first thought was the fuse but it appears to be fine (right above the battery) I also tried bypassing the fuse with another wire. Is there another fuse that I'm not seeing or is it another problem? At least I live across the street from the biggest motorsports dealership in the midwest - or so they say. I'd walk over and ask them, but being Thanksgiving, they're closed. So I've turned here for help. Edit: I connected the wires again then jumped it with a screwdriver. It fired right up and the lights and directionals worked. The speedo unit blinked on for a fraction of a second then went out. The neutral indicator light flickered but stayed mostly steady