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  1. throw this out-how bout a smoker 09 yz250 for trail riding/hill climbing? will it have enough torque up in the hills?
  2. how are ktm's as far as durability-dont know anyone who has one. they need more work?
  3. did honda fix their valve seating problems? everywhere i look people talking about more valve maintenance on hondas?
  4. Need some advice fellas. Looking to buy a 09 crf450, kx450f or rmz450 (maybe ktm 450 not sure about these). I am looking for mostly a powerful trail bike/hill climber that is reliable. Bike will not be raced. I now have a 05 drz400 but it is too heavy and not enough power (even with mods). The crf has steel exhaust valves where others are titanium-so honda should have added durability right? how is ktm durability compared to honda, kawasaki ? more maintenance? any help appreciated here. i cant decide which bike is best
  5. look into the new kawasaki klx 450r it has elec start and kick-- good power-- 5 speed-also added durability of steel exhaust valves and larger fuel tank than rmz.
  6. drzr

    03 KLX 400SR. Jetting specs?

    believe the klx is the same as my 05 drz 400s. i have a 145 main jet with stock needle, stock pilot 3x3 mod and fuel screw out 2.75 turns --runs great from 4300-9000 ft- only difference i dont have powerbomb head pipe
  7. thanks for the email answer--go to thumperfaq.com/fuel_screw.htm very good fuel screw lessons on exactly how to adjust it.
  8. Going on a trail ride soon-will be going up in elevation about 5000 ft. (5300 to 9-10,000) Anyone know about what adjustment will need to be made to the fuel screw on a 05 drz 400s. Already rejetted for 3x3 mod per burned's instructions Thanks guys-new here and have been learning alot.
  9. thanks-helpful-i was wondering if it fit 'perfect' or if it took a few mods.
  10. thanks-ive got the gel seat also-does that work with the increased tank angle of the clarke?
  11. Anyone put a clarke tank on drz 400s? wondering what your opinions are (good or bad) thanks
  12. Wondering if anyone has had good luck with a clarke fuel tank for a drz 400s. Need a larger tank for long trail riding. Any help -good or bad about clarke or other tanks would be helpful. Thanks
  13. just completed 05 drz 400s 3x3 mod. the 145 main works great and the extended fuel screw from tt is very handy (adjust on the go) a must have. runs much stronger. You were right on Eddie, thanks much! anyone with a drz should do this mod if you are looking for better (and cheap) performance. Im not real skilled and i did not take long to complete.
  14. drzr

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    any ideas for jetting a ttr-250 for high altitude 8500 ft?
  15. I ended up adjusting my shifter "up a notch" to raise it slightly on DRZ 400S. It worked, easier to get the larger boot under the shifter. Never had problems with brake though. Also noticed new 50/50 riding boots. Looks like a work boot with plastic and straps...Tyler