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  1. i ride mostly to work on my bike but i like go out bush too but i cant get the suspension right for the road and i really dont want to get my springs cut coz there goes riding outback any help is much appreciated
  2. If anyone has advice on setting up suspension so that i dont lose too much play on the dirt but also get lower and stiffer for the road, i does adjustable suspension work? I have a 06 Wr450 with the whole supermoto setup but if i get the springs cut, I feel I would lose too much play in the dirt and living in Australia not being able to go bush is like not being able too get a root with your own woman any advice would be much appreciated
  3. im very new to supermoto and am attempting to set my bike up as best as possible for dual purpose riding as i cannot ride soley on the road as i feel there is nothing better than going bush as i live in the land of endless off road riding Australia but i also cant go past the extremely popular Super Moto riding I own a 06 WR450F with the yamaha supermoto kit Exel rims, Talon hubs, brembo brake booster/lever, and calliper a massive front disk smaller rear sprocket and a slightly larger rear disk with stock calliper and am open to any advice on how to get a lower and stiffer feel without losing out too much when i go out bush Please Help!!!