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  1. Is it possible tomake an 07 YZ450f street legal in washington? I have read what all it needs to have to be street legal but i am told it ould have to be registered in ID or OR.
  2. Twig323

    Spokes and Faast Company Wrench

    not even 5 rides on brand new rim/spokes/hub spokes checked and tightened if need be after every ride. 5 broken spokes after last hairscramble was casing 110' step up a lil nothing serious. tire pressure was at 13psi RAD says they recomend 14 and they also said they have never broken spokes on an 18" rim. Thats obvisouly not true.
  3. Twig323

    Spokes and Faast Company Wrench

    okay thanks ill stick with the 48 in pound setting and hope to not break any more spokes.
  4. Okay so my manual says the spokes should be set to 2.2 foot pounds which is equivelant to 26.4 inch pounds. On other topics it says that the pre set setting of the faast company spoke wrench ( non adjustable ) is 48 inch pounds and that it works for 99% of applications. This seems like to much of a difference in the setting of the spoke wrench or is it just the yamahas that dont get tightened as much. Im confused on this and any help would be great. What do you guys set you yz450 spokes at?
  5. Twig323

    Blowin' cash(spoke torque wrench)

    What torque does the Faast Company spoke wrench come set at? I won one at a race and need to send it in to get it adjusted if its not already set up for the correct torque. I dont have the adjustable one.
  6. Twig323

    Pro Taper Accu-Trax

    Ive had these clamps with the stabilizer mount now for a few months now. I have raced 4-5 hairscramble races which last about 2 and a half hours with multiple motocross practices and trail rides and have only found one thing that i do not like about this setup. With the stabilizer mount it is difficult to set your bars directly in the center of the clamps. i also can not bleed my forks with my bars on with where i have my bar position all the way forward. i would have to make a special tool. Other than that I love them and i must say they look nice as well.
  7. Twig323

    FMF or DR D

    i have the fmf 4.1 ti slip on and had the dr.d carbon complete and i love them both but for the price yeah u cant beat the dr.d
  8. Twig323

    Rad MFG Hub/Axle Question

    yeah i think they sent me a honda rear hub or yeah the spacers are wrong thanks. the spacers fit my axle but not in the hub.
  9. I just purchased a new rear wheel set up from RAD MFG and i noticed my stock axle wont fit and its much to small. No where on the site does it say you need a diff axle to use there hubs. So I guess my question is where can i find a larger axle to fit this hub? or do you think they sent the wrong hub. Ill call my shop to make sure they ordered and make sure RAD sent out the correct shipment. Thanks in Advance.
  10. Twig323

    4 stroke turbos?

    agreed if i had a supermoto street legalized id want it turbo'd
  11. Twig323

    I made a real good order today!!!!

    have you used a stabilizer before? because I wont ride without one i see it as a piece of safety equipment. and i know with most stabilizers you need a diff top tripple clamp to beable to mount. I just got mine put on my 07450f. making sure you can mount it cuz id hate to see that stablizer not used till u get the parts.
  12. Twig323

    YZ 450 for a supermoto fun

    i would like to do the same to mine but i cant give up MX
  13. i didnt read any of the replies but my choice would be a Dr.D Stainless i dont think you can find a pipe that good for the price
  14. Twig323

    Dr. D exaust question

    Yeah they slip together. I have never had a prob with it and its the best pipe i have ever ridden. I got it on my 07 YZ450F.
  15. yeah thats sweet. I have a lil track of berms in my yard for when i cant get out to a track. Not big enough for jumps tho lol