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  1. SoCal Scott

    Devil's Rollercoaster Tour Revisited

    Most excellent ride report. Now.... more pictures of after lunch please!
  2. SoCal Scott

    Christmas comes early for jr!

    I'm 37 and I remember back when my dad bought me a YZ80 and my little brother a YZ50. He had hidden them in the storage shed. One day we thought we were going down to clean out the shed and when he raised the door up and we saw those bikes it was like...unforgetable!
  3. SoCal Scott

    is there a shop that deals with the 250r alot???

    ESR in Visalia CA. AKA Eddie Sanders Racing knows them inside and out!
  4. SoCal Scott

    10-30-06 Piute ride report ( More Pics )

    Great pictures and ride report! Looks like you guys had a blast.
  5. SoCal Scott

    Bakersfield SVRA - EIR

    Me 2! We have quite a few TT'rs from Kern County it looks like!
  6. SoCal Scott

    What city in Calif do you live in? 4 ride hook up

    I have to run race gas. High compression needs it. I have about 10K in my TRX so I have a hard time "giving it away" if you know what I mean. If I can hurry up and sell it I know where I can get a brand new '05 X for 6000 OTD. I don't want a red sticker bike at all but if it comes down to it then oh well. I'm going to list it in the camera ads this week and hopefully it will sell soon. I sold my '03 XR400R in one day.
  7. SoCal Scott

    What city in Calif do you live in? 4 ride hook up

    I am. I'm still trying to sell the TRX450R to get back on 2 wheels. I wanted to join Tatooart for his desert ride he said he was going to do in the 1st part of Nov. I may have to follow you all on the quad. The only concern I have is I have no idea how far I can go running race gas? There is a guy in Tehachapi that may want to trade me for an '06CRF450-R but I really wanted the KTM 525 or the "X". All I know is I need to ride soon. Scott- What work do you do that keeps you from riding weekends?
  8. SoCal Scott

    Boomer R.I.P 10/22/06

    BB- Sorry to hear the news. I've had to do the same before and I will again soon with my 12 year old black 1/2 lab 1/2 rot named Rowdy. It's not easy but as Mike in Fresno said earlier... no more suffering. Peace be with you and YG.
  9. SoCal Scott

    Fender bags

    OM- I had a rear fender bag on my XR400 and while it was nice and held alot of "stuff", it also caused me to have to throw my leg over it all the time as well (which made it difficult sometimes in the tight places). I mounted it with bolts so it was there to stay. Personally, I might shy away from the rear fender and stick to the front or the belt style tool kits.
  10. SoCal Scott

    Where to buy a Used KTM 525 in CA

    www.cameraads.com from Bakersfield has I think 3 listed in there right now.
  11. SoCal Scott

    Oct 28/29 Crasy Miner/49er enduro weekend

    Okay- I looked at both of those enduro charts and I have no idea what I'm reading there. Can someone explain explain how to read those things or is that asking too much ? PS. SuperSlammerHammerthenBammer didn't ask me to ask you guys either .
  12. SoCal Scott

    What city in Calif do you live in? 4 ride hook up

    And usually 10 degrees warmer
  13. SoCal Scott

    What city in Calif do you live in? 4 ride hook up

    Bakersfield.....the armpit of California!
  14. SoCal Scott

    Sweet desert ride 10/14/06 Part I

    Great ride report. Thanks for the cool pic's!