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    XR500 or XR600?

    Best place for fork seals IMHO is ebay; For an example, see item number 150084524800 on ebay.com. I have used this seller before for fork seals with great success.
  2. Thanks for the tips guys. I have gone ahead and ordered the OEM honda bushes and collars. I've also managed to locate some new carb bits and pieces on ebay which will hopefully let the engine run its best. More questions to follow
  3. Hi Guys, I've picked up a 81/82 Honda XR500R pretty cheaply that needs some TLC before it will be rideable... and I have a few questions for the XR guru's out there: 1. Does anyone know of a Shock Linkage Kit for this model? The bushes and collars here are completely stuffed and I was hoping there would be a cheaper option that going with OEM ones. I've checked with pivot works and Moose racing and they don't seem to have a kit for this model. 2. I pulled the inlet manifold off expecting to find the much touted about reed valve on this model - instead there was a alloy tube type thing which is difficult to describe? A reed valve eliminator perhaps or maybe the Australian domestic model didn't come with a reed valve? Did anyone have one of these eliminators or other parts? Did the bike run fine with it? The reason I am asking is because the bike has a tendency to stall when returning to idle after giving it a rev - this could be due to some worn/dirty parts in the carby though? 3. Has anyone changed the carb on one of these? I was thinking about throwing on a new Mikuni because some of the carby parts are worn and the replacement parts are hideously expensive. Cheers!