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  1. moto115

    250x as a dual sport

    I also have one dual sported, and last weekend did a dual sport ride in Michigan. The first day was 127 miles and day 2 was 108 miles. My butt was pretty sore after both days, so a different seat would help for longer days. Also I put on a 50 tooth sprocket on the back to make it a little easrier on the road sections. Stock is 53. I can cruise about 50 to 55 mph with no problem of screaming the engine. I only did about 2 to 3 mile road sections at a time so I don't know how it would be for 10 to 15 miles at a time. But on the trails it was great. I'm 5' 11" and 220 and it hauls me around ok. just my 2cents worth hope it helps.
  2. moto115

    06 X speedo cable

    Chopper61 Hey thanks for the help. You were right on with cable holder. I went out and looked it over, found the part and it all made sense. I do have the X model fork gaurd, so that is ok down there. Thanks again Mike
  3. moto115

    06 X speedo cable

    Would anyone know the proper routing for the speedometer cable? I removed it about a year ago and was putting it back on and can't remember how it goes. I have it coming down from the tripmeter and going behind the bottom clamp and then down to the wheel, but for some reason it don't seem right. when I turn the bars to the right the cable gets pinched between the frame and bottom clamp. Could I be missing another piece. Sorry about my memory loss. Thanks for any help. Mike