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  1. I just rebuilt a 1995 pw 80. I got the bike for free. It was very worn out. I took it completely apart, cleaned it up, new top end, new gaskets, new seals. The transmission was in good condition so I cleaned out the cases, replaced seals, put it back together started it up and ran it. It ran well except that I cannot shift it into 3rd gear. When running it it will shift into neutral from 2nd. I took it apart again, split the cases and everything looks correct - i cannot figure it out!!!! I think its going to drive me crazy. Any ideas on why i cant get it to go into 3rd gear?
  2. kestrel789

    ATV tire question

  3. kestrel789

    ATV tire question

    Can a 25x10-12 tire replace a 25x11-12 tire? Thanks for any help.
  4. kestrel789

    1997 yz250 crankshaft

    Hello guys. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good place to get an aftermarket or new or used crankshaft for a 1997 yz250. Hot rods doesn't make them for that model and I need somthing at a reasonable price. Thanks for the help.
  5. kestrel789

    Michigan snowmobiling

    Thanks for the suggestions! I'll check out these sites.
  6. kestrel789

    Michigan snowmobiling

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could suggest some good winter riding for me. I live in Ohio and am looking to do some snowmobiling this winter and would like to know of a good area to go to. Some place where I can ride to and from trails from lodging and somewhere that has good technical riding. Thanks for the help.
  7. kestrel789

    engine compatability

    sorry chief maybe phrased the question wrong. I just wanted to know if i bought a 1994 yz 250 engine if it would fit into my 1997 frame. Just wanted make sure all the mounts would be the same.
  8. kestrel789

    engine compatability

    Will a 1994-1998 engine fit into a 1997 yz250 frame?
  9. kestrel789

    Who's done the TRX 450 valves into a CRF450R

    Will these parts numbers work for a 2004 as well?
  10. kestrel789

    riding in oregon

    thanks a lot!
  11. kestrel789

    riding in oregon

    I'm in portland this weekend. Just wondering where a good (dry) place to trail ride would be. I'd be willing to drive up to 3 hours. any suggestions?
  12. kestrel789

    Hard To Start

    I checked the choke circuit. It looked ok. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  13. kestrel789

    Hard To Start

    You're right it does skid the tire. New top end with very good compression. Skidding the tire a few feet seems to do somthing and then it will start up. Could it be somthing with the crank seals?
  14. kestrel789

    Hard To Start

    Thank you for the quick reply. I haven't checked that. How do I do that. I would assume that I could just take off the choke assembly from the external part of the carb and make sure its clean and clear.
  15. Hello, I've been following the forums here for awhile and have been impressed with the good advice that has been given. I have a situation that I haven't read about. I recently bought a 1997 YZ 250 with a FMF fatty pipe, V force 3 reeds and heavy flywheel. Initially I had a difficult time starting it but once i got it started it would smoke some but then run great. Based on some of the threads here I leaned the jetting with a 48 pilot, 168 main, clip in the 2nd position and adjusted the fuel screw. I then had the same problem. I have checked the reeds, plug is new, top end is new with good compression, choke works fine, electrical system is within spec, and fuel is good and mixed properly. I just discovered that the bike will start on the first or second kick if i put it in gear and moved a few feet. It will always start on the first kick if it is warm and once running it will run great. Any suggestions on the source of the difficulty in starting?