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  1. I prefer a more aggressive offroad tire, but would like them to be DOT approved.
  2. The mark on the crankcase, is it the one that protrudes upwards at about the 5 o'clock position??
  3. the mark which represents top dead center? And what point is it aligned with??
  4. I just installed a Racetech 5.4kg spring on my 2007 Klx 250, what a huge difference. If you're an aggressive rider this is a must. Landed that spring on ebay new in the box for $35.00
  5. I have a KLX 250, would like to put heavier shock on. How do you remove the old spring???
  6. I'm looking for a new throttle, killswitch and brake assembley for 7/8" bars for Honda 50???
  7. I'm looking for detailed steps for swapping out oem cam for perf. cam???
  8. Did you check for restrictors???
  9. So what do I do with the crank case breather hose???
  10. Who has jet kits for a KLX 250?? My local Kawasaki dealer is an idiot and keeps ordering the wrong one. All I want is a 130 main and 40 pilot. Please help!!!!
  11. If you have the chance, you must ride the trails in the Allegheney National Forest, located in Pennsylvania. They are amazing, incredibly scenic and well maintained. Permits are just $35.00 anually.
  12. Does anyone make heavier fork springs for the KLX 250?
  13. I've seen what appears to be a hard case mounted on the rear fender rack, where can I get one of those?? Or something similar.
  14. What is the top speed of KLX 250 with 13tooth front sprocket????
  15. ridered329

    LED light kits.....

    Those of you who have installed the stealthy, hard to see, LED light kits, are these bikes passing inspection? One is usually required to have at least a two inch lens. And who makes a nice kit??