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  1. cjjtitanium

    XR 250 Jetting

    Thanks all for the responses...One more item. The last time I had the carb apart, I might not have put the needle valve back in the same spot where it was originally attached to the float. What spot should it be on for a stock bike? Am I right in thinking that moving it so that the fuel level is higher in the carb gives you a richer mixture and lower would give a leaner mixture?
  2. cjjtitanium

    XR 250 Jetting

    I am in the Detroit Area. Grew up in the UP and went to school at Michigan Tech so I know Houghton very well. Good trails near you? Did not have the cash for a dirt bike when I was up there...you know,... the poor student thing.
  3. cjjtitanium

    XR 250 Jetting

    Was thinking about spring and getting some projects done before the riding season starts in Michigan again. Anyway, am thinking I would like to rejet my 2002 Xr 250. It is totally stock. It runs good, except when the ambient temperature gets low, it is hard to start or won't start. I did a search and thought some of this was here, but could not find it. What jetting should the bike have now? Also the float/needle valve position? If I was to make a change, what direction should I go? Where can you find the jets. I have a Dennis Kirk calalog, but what brand of carb is on this and what do you look for in ordering the jets? Is it likely my local Honda shop will have them?
  4. cjjtitanium

    2002 XR 250 Won't Start

    OK got the bike running last night.... Changed the gas out..still would not go. Not even a pop. Had my wife tow me with the pick up truck. About 3/4 the way around the block it fired up. Not sure what caused all of this. Hopefully, won't have to go thru this the next time I start it. I did turn up the idle knob and ajusted what I think is the idle mixture screw. When it started, idle was way high. It restarted on the first kick with the engine warm. To be sure, what screw is the idle mixture screw? I am thinking it is the knurled brass knob/screw that is oriented up/down near the bowl. There is another screw at the base of the bowl, but it did not turn easily like a mixture screw should. Thanks to all the helped!
  5. cjjtitanium

    2002 XR 250 Won't Start

    Air filter is clean, idle has been turned up and no rags, birds or mice in the air box I tried the bump start thing in the driveway... run with bike and jump on..about 15 times.. nothing, not even a sputter. There are all kinds of black marks in the driveway though and the rear wheel would lock up, so I am thinking there is no mechanical issue with the engine and compression. Took the spark plug out after all of that.. slight smell of gasoline, but not wet
  6. cjjtitanium

    2002 XR 250 Won't Start

    Thanks to everyone that replied. Have tried a number of things suggested and still no go. To answer some questions, the bike is stock. My normal starting proceedure has been full choke, no throttle and by 3 hard kicks it has always started. Yesterday it was 60 degrees here so the cold weather should not have been a factor.. Here is what i have found.. - Checked the valves, the clearance was perfect, no adjustment required. Oil (1/2 quart) did come out of the 10mm plug where you get access to turn the crank. Bike was on the kickstand and tilted to that side. Normal? Was able to turn the engine CCW with a 3/8 ratchet. Did not need long breaker bar. - Checked the coil 0.4ohms,so that looks OK. Also took the coil ground wire off, real clean. - Removed the carb, real clean, no crud in the bowl, fuel was halfway up in the bowl. Shot carb cleaner thru all passages, the needle valve passage and main metering rod passage were forsurely clear - have not changed the fuel in the tank yet, but it is maybe 1 -2 months old. hard to say, as i have added fuel several times over the summer, never rode enough to use all of it A couple of other notes.. not sure if it is my imagination, but the the effort to kick the engine may be less...just not sure..there is compression going on, just not sure it was as much as before. When these things happen you start looking at everything. I was going to hook a compression gage up, but the fittings I have are the wrong size. It will still wear your leg out and it is not like the engine will freewheel. There does not appear to be fuel on the spark plug. Also when it was running I may have hit the decompression lever while it was running. The engine did not stall.. can this hurt anything? I did disconnect the cable to this to see if it made any difference. None noted So I think I have ruled out electrical and I am down to a mechanical (compression) issue or still possibly a carb/ fuel issue. Ideas on how to rule out either the compression or carb? Thanks
  7. cjjtitanium

    2002 XR 250 Won't Start

    Help!! I have XR 250 that will not start. I bought the bike back in April. It has never started when the temp is below 45 degrees or there about. This past weekend it was cold in Newberry where we were riding and was having trouble getting it going. A new spark plug and some starting fliud got us going. The bike ran fastastic all day. Not so much as a mis fire. The next day comes and the same only worse. Now the bike would not start at all. Even now that I have it home at the temps have been 70 degrees it will not start at all. I installed another new spark plug and tried starting fluid in the air cleaner and directly into the cylinder (not at the same time) . I have also verified I have spark. It is just dead, not even a sputter. No backfire , nothing. I searched around the site here, but did not really see anything close. One of the posts talked about valve adjustments making a difference. Since I ruled out electrical (It gets spark) and Fuel (The stating fluid) I think I am going to have to look in other places to troubleshoot this thing. Other ideas? I also tried to get a repair manual. Another adventure. No one has anything in stock in the Detroit area that I found. 5 to 10 days to order. Any links to valve adjustment and trouble shooting steps? Thanks!