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  1. sbagley

    Can't find the nerve or balls!!

    I just turned 46 and I've ridden on and off all my life also. I have for kids and care about my future but also love riding. I usually clear everything on all the tracks I ride unless conditions (wind, mud, etc.) are real bad. Often when I take my helmet off most people are suprised to see an "Old Guy". However, just about the time I start thinking I'm pretty fast, there's always someone that shows up that reminds me I PLENTY slow. Keeps me humble Here's what I do (did) with jumps. If it's a new track or the track changes. I simpy don't worry about it or push it. Just keep riding hard, work on turns and all other areas of the track - get confident. Often I find that I'm faster than guys that are clearing a jump I'm rolling. If I can pass guys and stay in front of them even if I'm not clearing a jump they are clearing, it's actually pretty dang fun and VERY, VERY frustrating to the guy(s) trying to catch you. Be confident and remember the last thing you want is to come up short. In fact, I tend to look at the landing and see how far I can overshoot without problems. If I'm not 100% sure on the speed and lift I need, I ALWAYS prefer to overshoot a bit. NOTE: remember it's often surprising how much more speed you need to triple rather than double a jump. It's not a little more speed it's often A LOT more speed. Another thing, the first several (or perhaps many) times clearing a new jump, do even think about whipping or scrubbing speed. Stay straight so if you overshoot of heaven forbid come up short, you don't swap and crash. Also, a common error I also see, is if a guy isn't clearing a jump and then goes for it they forget that they are now throttling much more and thus need to get more forward on the bike. They often end up with the nose (front end) WAY high. You'll need to move your body position forward. Have fun and be confident.
  2. sbagley

    Holy Yamaha 2006!!!

    Looks like a GREAT bike!!! I'll be looking at the Yellow, Blue and Red (as long as Honda addresses valve problems) when replacing my CRF later this year or early next year.
  3. sbagley

    What is the best Fuel to run in a CRF 450R

    Premium 91-92 octane
  4. sbagley

    my bike!!!! lemmie know what ya think!

    Looks awesome I pray mine never looks like that - why? It will mean I got hurt and couldn't ride for quite a while.
  5. sbagley

    CRF450R vs CRF450X Vs XR650R

    I've seen a couple of guys at the local tracks on XRs and they struggle big time Looks like they are driving a boat out there. The CRF is more maintanence but if you're going to ride any MX the XR really isn't much of an option. For less upkeep, you could consider a two-stroke 250. Stay away from the CR250 though, it has a piece of trash engine. IMHO - I rate the two strokes: 1st - RM250 2nd - YZ250 (very close 2nd, RM=more low-end & turns slightly better) 3rd - KX250 4th - don't buy a CR250, you'll just want to sell it.
  6. sbagley

    Changing Oil?????'s

    Mobil-1 synthetic (red cap), engine side. Change every 2 or 3 rides. I only ride motocross tracks. I Keep an eye on the oil window, if the oil starts showing some use, I'll change it after 2 rides. As far as changing it every ride - if your using a good synthetic, there's no way that the oil is breaking down in just one ride - not a chance! (unless your going on some 5 hour no-stop desert ride). After one ride, I can look at the oil level window and the oil is almost as new and clean as when I changed it! Heck If your going to change EVERY RIDE no matter what to "be on the safe side", why not change every five laps or so just for good measure? Heck, why not change it after you transport the bike also - you know, just to be on the safe side
  7. sbagley

    switching to full synthetic oil?? When

    Give It about 3 oil changes first. Get 15+ hours on it.
  8. sbagley

    I bought a Suzuki =/

    Dovii, Don't apologize... I've been quite loyal to Honda also, but if another brand makes what I feel is a better bike, I have absolutely NO problem buying it - NONE!!! In fact, I just bought an 2005 RM250 to replace the CR250 I sold. I want to keep a two-stroke around but the CR250 engine is TRASH. Compare the CR250 engine against the RM250 engine and the CR feels like a 125. So far I'm extreemly impressed with the power and handling of the RM - it's an awesome bike I'm keeping my CRF450 this year but I have to say, when I replace it next year, I'll also be looking at the Suzuki RMZ - I'm very happy with this RM250 so I won't dismiss the RMZ. I'll also take a good look at the Red, Blue, and Green bikes and pick which bike I feel is best.
  9. sbagley

    CRF450R Valve question

    IMHO, Your right on Jeremy, his dealer is pulling his chain and not being honest. I know at 6 guys with CRF450s ranging from 03-05 and ALL (everyone) of them have had valve problems. After moving to stainless valves my problems are over . The problem is without question - REAL - it's simply part of using ti valves in this engine design. Everyone I know that has moved to Stainless valves are much, much happier. Personally, I think stainless valves are simply a requirement for this engine. I love my CRF and will keep it, but I would NEVER own this bike without stainless valves. One guy I know kept his Ti valves, but he's a Honda dealership mechanic and rides for his dealership so they let him work on his CRF on their dime and their clock. He tells me, they are shimming and replacing SO MANY CRF valves that it's hard to keep the shims in stock. In fact, he says they are on real good terms with 4 or 5 dealerships within a 50 miles radius because they are constantly exchanging shims for re-shim and valve jobs. These are awesome bikes but don't believe a dealer that says there is NO problem with the stock valves.
  10. sbagley


    I use Mobil 1, But Amsoil is good stuff also, I know several guys that use it and like it.
  11. sbagley

    Stainless Valves Update

    Well it's pushing a year since I bought my Kibble Stainless Intake valves and spring kit right here on TT for my 03CRF450. I was ready to sell it (or roll it off a cliff) and buy an RM250 after nothing but problems with the valvles. It was only good for about 3 rides between reshimming and valve jobs. (I change air-filter EVERY ride, oil every 2-3 rides, etc., etc. - I ride only MX). I paid an old friend that is the best mechanic I know, to spend some time with me at his shop and we put the new valves in. We lapped the valves REAL GOOD and cleaned the valve seats like new. While in there we put an 04 piston in. I noticed slightly more power but I'm sure that was the 04 piston - I don't think there was any power lost with the new valves. I riding one or two times a week and at first I kept checking clearances every 2 or 3 rides and no movement Then I started checking about every 5 rides - still no change . Then I rode the last month or two before winter, put her away and have been on 3 rides so far this spring. Checked them saturday and they are still right on spec (OK the left intake is at .007) - - I was sure an adjustment would be needed! Is this a dream? Or have I died and gone to heaven?
  12. sbagley

    loose rear sprocket bolts

    To begin with mine was fine. However, after replacing it, I started having problems also - loose all the time (always use loctite). A couple of times I even lost bolts. I checked it constantly, one ride I forgot to check between practice motos and - kaboom all I heard was a metal breaking and grinding. Didn't know what it was at first, I thought the piston valves, etc. went bye,bye. Looked down there and the sprocket was off with a portion of the Hub broken off. I replaced the back wheel, sprocket, and all bolts. Weird thing is, since replacing everything this time around, it's all stayed tight for at least 30 hours :cry: :cry: Who knows, but I suppose I will replace bolts along with sprocket from now on?
  13. sbagley

    Rode an 05 450 today..

    I also rode an 05CRF last friday at the track. Feels a little lighter and narrower than my 03. My 03 has an 04 piston and a slip-on exhaust - Both my brother and I felt mine had just as much power (maybe more). However, since it wasn't mine I didn't get on it too hard so who knows. Seems like a great bike though ------ Now there's a decision to make.... I'm going to sell my backup bike which is currently a CR250 (no power). Will I get a 05CRF next spring and make my 03CRF the backup? Right now I'm still leaning toward an RM250. I like having a 2-stroke around and after riding my brother's RM250 a whole lot, I love the power, hit, and how easy it is to flick around. It appears I'm slightly faster on it - yes this means my 03CRF becomes the backup playing second fiddle to the 2-stroke. :cry: By no means am I abandoning 4-strokes but I love riding that light 2 stroke and I've never ridden a bike where the back end comes around in the turns so easy.
  14. sbagley

    2006 crf450 question

    Along with ArcticCat (engine by Suzuki), Skidoo has also been making batteryless high performance EFI sleds for at least 7 or 8 years. Yamaha & Polaris have also made a few. In fact, Artic Cat's new high performance Twin 900 (two 450 pistons ) is EFI - No Battery, 2 stroke, they claim 150Hp at the crank. EFI is nice in mountains since on a given day elevation may change 3000-6000 feet. For non-EFI sleds, most jet for the higher end of the elevation range which is usually where the hardest riding is.
  15. westladog is right. The 2-strokes are great bikes also and a load of fun to ride. Two strokes are simple to maintain and have GREAT POWER (except of course the CR250). I would go with the RM250 or the YZ250, third I would pick the KX. The 4-strokes are also a load of fun - the CRF does have valve issues, but the KW stainless valves will solve that problem. I have a 03-CRF450 (with an 04 piston and KW stainless valves). I also have an 02-CR250 (no lowend power), I also ride my brothers 04-RM250... Which one do I like the best and which am I fastest on??? Hard to say??? Throw out the CR250 (if I want zero lowend power, I'll get a 125) I love my CRF450 now that I've rebuilt the engine and installed stainless valves. Before that, I was ready to sell it. On wide open tracks, I would guess I'm fastest on this bike. I feel very confident on it and it has awesome power :cry: The RM250: no question this bike handles best on tight tracks. The back end just comes around, I've never ridden a bike that handles so well on Supercross style tracks - also never rode a 2 stroke with such strong lowend. Which do I like best? hmmmm... Hard to say... probably the CRF - I think? But If I were to buy a new bike tomorrow, I believe I would lean towards the RM250 since I think on most tracks where I live, I'm probably fastest on the RM250 (it is also less to maintain and costs less than the CRF). Note: I haven't riddin the new YZ250 but I've heard they are very fine bikes also.