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  1. dplantz

    How do I clean my frame (not polish)?

    Like bordeau said...... WD-40 and Scotch bright works wonders
  2. dplantz

    Upgrade from CRF 230F to 250X?

    I had an old Yamaha ttr250 and was looking for a wr250 but could not find one here in central Texas. I went with a 2004 250x and could not be happier. I have owned it for 9 years now and still ride it on trails and track couple times a month. Only issue I have heard about is 04 had some valve issues if run hard. I have been meticulous about maintenance and so I see keeping my bike for a lot longer. And by the way i just turned 62
  3. dplantz

    What's the good years for used?

    04 was first model year and was known to have issues with burned valves if they were run hard. However I own an 04, looked like it have valve work before I bought it in 09 and it has been bulletproof for me. I still own it and ride trails at least 1x per month. And I usually put 25-30 miles on each ride. I probably have 150 hours on it and have only had valves checked 1 x and were good. So I got lucky
  4. dplantz

    Honda CRF250x Vs Honda CRF230f Vs Yamaha WR250f

    I wanted a wr250 but they were scare and when found too many $$ for here in central Texas. So I took a chance on an 04 crf250x Bought it in 09 and still have it I have 163 hours and 1,834 miles on the odometer. It had had the valves redone with new when I got it. I have had the valves checked 1x since owned and they were in spec. Just regular oil/air/trans changes I am older rider so dont pin the throttle much but I ride mostly trails and occasionally a motox track you cant ask for a better bike than that man!
  5. dplantz

    2004 crf250x worth

    In the US ( Texas) I paid $2200 for mine back in 09 BUT the owner could not find the title, so I paid less than asking.
  6. dplantz

    New Member / New to me 05 CRF250X

    OMG you lucky dude! I have had my 04 for years and toitally an brand loyal now to the 250x ( former blue bike guy) Add the aftermarket pipe, rejet the carb, and open up the airbox and you are golden!
  7. dplantz

    03 CRF250X Leaky gear selector oil seal

    ordered sprocket seal and DRing from CRF's only and seems to have cured my problem! thanks guys!
  8. dplantz

    header pipe to rad hose clearance?

    I have an 04 and thought the same thing. To be safe i cut a larger hose down the side and placed it over the radiator hose in that hot section and zip tied it on. Never a problem!
  9. Mine started leaking so found on online and ordered Here is the part info http://www.partzilla.com/parts/detail/honda/HP-91203-KK3-830.html Replaced it and no change, it is still leaking out of that seal! What gives? Think I may have hit the shifter hard enough to wobble out the shaft hole?
  10. dplantz

    CRF250x backfireing

    May be a long short but bikes will also backfire esp when letting off the throttle IF you have an exhaust leak somewhere. Usually at the header pipe where it mounts to the motor
  11. dplantz


    I recently bought a Dunlop MX32 for the front and LOVE it so far. Looking for the same for my back tire but am having a hard time finding it, even online as I need a 100-100-18 I imagine a MX51 is good. Currently, I run a MAXXIS IT intermediate 100/100 - 18 on the rear in similar conditions as yours and have had it on for 4+ years and it is just now wearing out. ( knocked lugs off the sides in some rocks)
  12. dplantz

    Notable issues with 2004 CRF250x?

    Amen scott_01_xr400 ! I will keep mine forever. 8k to plunk down on a new bike just aint reality for me anymore
  13. dplantz

    Notable issues with 2004 CRF250x?

    I do gotta say though, $3200 is way steep money for an 04 IMO......I paid $2200 for mine in 09 ( kid wanted $3400 for it, but he was'nt selling it either!)
  14. dplantz

    Notable issues with 2004 CRF250x?

    I bought my 04 in 2009 Pretty much bone stock except for a FMF pipe. It bogged terrible when I bought it cause the kid never re-jetted the carb for the aftermarket pipe. After I fixed that it was A-OK I just do the regular maint and have had the valves checked exactly 1x since I owned mine and I got almost 150 hours on it and rode approx 1600 miles of trails Now I admit I am 60 years young this year and I hardly ever pin the throttle but I ain't no &%$#@! either! So I say buy it and enjoy it. I always rode blue before and so far Red is my color!