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    other than riding? ham radio, microbrews, single malts, watching FIM/AMA/GP...
  1. I'm surprised no one yet mentioned the drilling-out of the stock exhaust can? Get a metal hole-saw that just fits around that tiny tube sticking out the center of your can. It must be a FOR-METAL hole saw, may cost you 12-15 bucks, or borrow one for 10 minutes. Center drill not needed. Drill that little tube out, use WD40 or some other coolant/lube. Viola! Less restrictive exhaust, better exhaust note, and bonus, the spark arrestor stays in place! Don't worry about the shiny metal now showing, that'll last maybe ten miles before carboning up black like the rest of it. .
  2. MilleArp

    Looking for magizine articals on tthe drz400

    Great find.... was it done in year-2000? I couldn't find a date in the article anywhere. .
  3. MilleArp

    How do you get motivated?

    I know one thing that doesn't help is up here we had a looong cold snowy brutal winter... spring is overdue. Many years I could ride on some days in Dec, even past Xmas. Not this year. Algore is full of sh!t. .
  4. MilleArp

    Quick Question

    I was curious what it revs to myself. We just had a discussion at work about this. You hear many speak of over-revs and rev-limiting and such, but never have we seen any 'official' spec regarding what exactly the max rev IS?!?!? .
  5. MilleArp

    How do you get motivated?

    I feel the same way about going target practicing with my pistol. It takes me as long to clean it and oil it as it did for me to shoot it at the range. After many thousands of rounds, and no issues hitting the black ring, just hard to get out more than once a year to put holes in paper. All I think about is how I'm going to have to clean it after I'm done. But riding? Nope, after 200,000 miles, still into it! But, most of my drudgery maintenance is done by the dealership. I'd much rather spend my time riding, than wrenching. Plus, a mechaninc who works on bikes like mine, all day every day, will notice things wrong on my steed that I'd never catch. And, his work comes with a 90-day warranty! Mine doesn't! However, in today's Obamination economy, I may have to break down and do more dirty work myself. Those 75-85/hr garage rates are a killer... .
  6. MilleArp

    What happens to stolen bikes?

    I recall reading an article a couple years back about stolen bicycles. Seems Fla and other states with sea-ports had a high theft rate of these human-powered 2-wheelers. Like, many tens of thousands of bikes! After a couple years of investigation, no clue why it takes so long other than it IS the gubmint, they busted a ring of thieves. They'd been hiring young kids to steal bikes, then they'd load them into those large shipping containers and send them to various 'local' 2nd/3rd world countries, for sale as used for good money. I wonder if the same kind of thing happens with motorcycle parts. I doubt they'd ship whole bikes, due to the VIN issue and all. As an aside, if the result of bike theft is profit via sale-able parts, you'd think there'd be a lot more parts for sale than there are now.
  7. MilleArp

    BMW G450x!

    Since this G450X is indeed a street legal dualsport, I'm curious if anyone has made a decent aftermarket seat for those who plan to ride it more than 50 miles in a day? Us old DSers need more width in our DS bikes! I love the WIDE Corbin on my DRZ. I sat on one last month, stocker is butt-floss !!! .
  8. MilleArp

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I put the battery charger on it..... it's 20'F and we're expecting 6" of snow in teh next 24 hrs. .
  9. MilleArp

    Abanded trailer

    Is there a serial number etched in it anywhere? Other than the manufacturer's serial number plate, many folks carve some sort of ID onto their stuff. Look it over carefully... As far as taking it... an old used trailer doesn't have too much value. If it has no ID, and it's been there a day or two, I'd take it! I'd look at it no differently than finding something else valuable along the side of the road... change, green bills, tools, etc...
  10. MilleArp

    Low Gel Seat v Stock Seat

    Both the stock seat and gel seats suck, have tried 'em both. Get you a Corbin! You'll be glad you did! I'm a big guy (6'1" 250#), the corbin is a good couple inches wider, and that makes all the diff in the world... night and day. It's like the diff between sitting on a 2x4 with a towel over it vs sitting on a large well-padded old-man's bicycle seat. .
  11. MilleArp

    Battery Life

    2 wks is okay. 3 wks is iffy, especially if cooler outside. 4 wks...... it's dead. Don't ask me (us) how we know! (2 bats this year!!!) .
  12. MilleArp

    NEW bike shop near Nashville

    I looked around, this seemed to be the best place to post this up. Mods, if it needs to be moved, please do so! Acquaintance of mine opened a new motorcycle shop near Nashville this year: Cycle Authority 200B Nicholas Long Dr Columbia, TN 38401 931-982-2317 Tue-Fri = 8:30am - 5:30pm Sat = 8:30am - 4pm They primarily do motocycle maintenance and repairs, but do have several used bikes for sale up front. So if you're not a DIYer (I'm not!), take your maintenance work here! Hear tell they do other work as well, like: boat motors, quads, anything with smaller engines. Call them with whatever internal (infernal?) issues you may have! Give 'em a try! .
  13. MilleArp

    Lowering a DRZ-400 SM!?

    Check your PMs...
  14. MilleArp

    Yet another "what's my bike worth" thread

    How much will your local dealer blow out a leftover 2007 DRZ, with 12 mth warranty, OTD? Take that value, and subract 10-20%. .