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    Thanks fellas.
  2. DockingPilot


    OK Ed thanks, but my question is what is the next size down for the FCR ? Currently a #45 on a FCR'd Husky 610 2007. I have a #42 in my cabnet, is that the next size down ?
  3. DockingPilot

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    NY Harbor Pilot
  4. DockingPilot


    no sir, once bottomed it stumbled. backed out 1/4 turn it returned to idle.
  5. DockingPilot


    Since Im only getting about 1/4 turn out on my fuel screw before my idel returns, Im going to lower the pilot. I currently have a 45 is the 42 the next size down ? FCR. Thanks
  6. Yea, thats gott to be a pain the butt for working on your bike. My buddie (who alos lives in an apartment) keeps all his tools and bike at my house ! Anyway, George will tell you to use an impact wrench on the flywheel nut to remove and to re install it. I meant an electric impact wrench btw.
  7. $40 Harbor Freight. Don't worry, It wont come off. But if you want to jam smething in your gears have at it. ps, ask George Earl how he would do it.
  8. You wont hold it. Use an impact wrench.
  9. Coffe he has them for all years. The 06'-07' models, like mine, take a new different one that George has ready to go.
  10. Already covered by Uptite Racing of course. George has the flywheel pullers ready to ship $50 I think is what I paid. A1 quality as usual from George. The man knows his stuff, take his advise for gospel fellas.
  11. I may or may not have an issue here Eddie, tell me your wisdom oh great one. Husky TE610 60-70 DEGREES OUTSIDE. When I start her up cold, I can almost get her to start with no choke but not quite. So I pull the choke button and she lights right up. After about 15 seconds she starts to tell me to turn off the the choke, I do and she idles to warm just fine. I also notice that when I do pull the choke button, the engine does not idle quite as high as it once did if that matters. When underway, the bike seems to run great to me. Do I have an issue ? FCR carb 180 45 5th JD Red 1.5 turns Leo Vince Thanks, Frank
  12. DockingPilot

    Fuel In Vent Lines

    Excellent, thank you.
  13. Eddie (when you return), I'm find small amounts of fuel in my ventlines. Enough that is is soaking my ventline filter. Also seeing fuel in airbox between the filter and carb, slashed on the walls. FCR carb on a 07' Husky TE610 Thanks for any insight, Frank
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    "08 TE610 Forks

    BMW............. When their involved, bend over.
  15. DockingPilot

    More TE610 jetting questions

    Thats pretty good MPG. What are your settings ? I have her running pretty good right now with the 180/45/leak jet/ 2 Turns out/ Blue in the 4th.