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  1. vfr870

    Dr650 Faq

    This isnt a complete "how to" but is shows where the spacer is supposed to go for those that may want to shorten the forks to go along with lowering the rear. All that is left to do is remove and flip the spring seat on the rear shock (just loosen the preload until you can lift the spring off the seat) and that's all there is to the factory lowering option. Oh, and a shorter sidestand. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9698277&postcount=23121
  2. vfr870

    What kinda bike is that?

    I got mine from Ron Ayers, I think $50 something a piece... the last 3 numbers in the part # are the color code 019 = black Right side cover 47111-32E00-019 Left side cover 47211-32E00-019
  3. vfr870

    DR650 Seal savers install q

    What size seal savers fit the DR650? I need to get a pair and they list a few different sizes. Do they come with clamps or is it just a snug fit? Thanks.
  4. vfr870

    What is the best GPS for a bike?

    Yup, gonna try my luck at my first enduro next Sunday. I was hoping you could've made it so you could ride down with us. The update shouldnt matter, Garmin gives you free (not maps) unit updates you can download from their site. If there's a new map version coming out, you can wait to buy it after it's released to get the latest maps since they charge you to update that. The 450 & 550 mounts are the same, it's just that the 550 also comes with a car mount. The bike mount holds up just fine for off-road, city potholes/curbs, and rain. No problems so far. It's designed to be pretty sturdy. There are some unit failures out there but it's not a very common thing. For the most part Garmin stands behind their products pretty good so if you do encounter a problem they will make good on it. I'm no GPS exert but you can find a ton of specific info on the Zumo here... http://www.zumoforums.com/ No free weekends till June? That means you cant make the Mass dualsport ride in May either
  5. vfr870

    What is the best GPS for a bike?

    The 550 can do XM radio/ XM NavTraffic, speak street and POI names, and comes with a vehicle suction cup mount with integrated speaker. The 450 does/can not. Let me know if you'd like to check out the 550, I use it on the DR.