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  1. c337b

    FCR-39MX Carb with TPS

    It is a new carb with hot start & TPS I tried to buy off thumper talk but they only supply the basic carb. It says to remove pilot jet right after removing the TPS wiring sensor Does the carb WITH the TPS require the pilot jet??
  2. c337b

    FCR-39MX Carb with TPS

    Installing a FCR-39MX carb with the TPS do I remove the pilot air jet or leave it in???
  3. Going to convert Taking off S stock pipe and putting on E stock pipe with alum billet end What main jet do I need 155 or 160 or ??? (Sea level) Originally Posted by burned heres the part number list for using the sudco aftermarket fcr-mx. sudco part needed- 1)016-925 39mm fcr-mx w/choke no tps. 2)021-216 FCR adapter 2-3/8 carb to S air boot 3)021-439 o-ring for adapter 4)017-262 EMN needle suzuki oem parts needed- 1)'E' Intake Manifold: Suzuki p/n 13111-29F00, Pipe,Intake 2)'E' Manifold Clamp: Suzuki p/n 09402-58208, Clamp 3)vacuum port nipple to retain S petcock Suzuki p/n 13685-29F00 Union,Intake Port ** this carb comes standard with the following- 200 main air jet 160 main jet EMR or EMS needle 45 pilot jet 100 pilot air jet remove the standard needle and replace with EMN clip 3.if running a open aftermarket pipe use the standard 160 main jet.if running stock muffler 155 main jet.
  4. c337b

    FCR Carb upgrade

    2007 DRZ400S I want to upgade to 39MM FCR Which carb would you recommend & why My bike has the TPS on it 39FCR-MX 016-925 - $ 457.00 39FCR-MX air cut valve/hot start 016-926 - $ 525.00 39FCR-MX air cut valve/hot start/TPS 016-927 - $ 581.00 Thumpertalk kit comes with 39FCR-MX 016-925
  5. c337b

    E vs S Exhaust

    Dynojet needle 4th clip 25 pilot 142.5 stock main Jesse's extended fuel screw - 1 1/8 turns
  6. c337b

    E vs S Exhaust

    I have a 2007 S model 3x3 air box mod done I bent my exhaust and a freind gave me his stock E exhaust to put on The E has a larger header pipe Will I have to change the jetting ???
  7. I was looking at the TE610. My only concern is the airbox intake is on the bottom of the side plate. While on my DRZ400 its under the seat. Will you have problems sucking up water. Lots of deep puddles around here. Will this be a problem????? Someone let me know
  8. c337b

    DRZ vs BMW initial comparison

    I heard the frame was cast and if you hit it hard on a rock you can easily break it? Is this true
  9. c337b

    Engine noise

    Took it to the Suzuki dealer sat. Mechanic says it sounds normal nothing to worry about. Maybe just me being parinoid
  10. c337b

    Engine noise

    This noise just started. Was not there before
  11. c337b

    Engine noise

    2007 DRZ400S - 4850KM Took it for a short ride last night. When I got home i had a constant tick/tick /tick / tick noise coming from the top end. Just finished a three day ride - 1000KM Valves need ajusting ????? Thanks Frank
  12. c337b

    changing tires... $100?

    If you guys think these shop are making huge profits. Start up a shop. Think about all the costs of running a buisiness Start up cost 100,000 - 1,000,000 + Inventory / Fixed costs - rent / telephone / heat / motrgae payments / insurance and the list goes on Employees -Wages - holiday pay - paid coffee breaks - paid sick days Warrenty - costs Equipment costs - maintenence / repair / replacement The list goes on and on and on and on and on 75 % of new business go broke 20% do OK @ 5% make good money Start up your shop and let us now how you do
  13. c337b

    Will this tire fit????

    2007 DRZ400S Want to put a Terra Flex 150/90 - 18 on my bike. Will it fit or is it two big??? Frank
  14. c337b

    DB Level

    Hello I purchased a power tip for my 2007 DRZ400S. Do you know DB levels?? I am planning on going on a ride and if the exhaust is too load I will not be allowed and will have spent $ 1000.00 in traveling expenses for nothing Thank you for your help Frank Here are there requirements Sound Test Sound is our biggest enemy. Even a quiet bike is a disturbance to non-riders in the forest, and they are vocal with the overseeing governmental agencies. Once again, clubs & promoters are put on the spot, and other riders must face the consequences of your actions. Ted’s equipment is professional grade, and calibrated fairly regularly. Ted has tested thousands of bikes over the years, creating a baseline from which to work. Microphone placement is very important. Imagine a line drawn in space that starts at the tip of the exhaust and extends out at a 45° angle from the long axis of the bike and is level with the ground. We place the tip of the microphone of the sound level meter (SLM) 20” away from the exhaust tip, and hold it perpendicular to that imaginary line. So the SLM is facing basically backwards relative to the bike. Ted will test the sound level when the bike is at 3400 rpm, which is about half the redline rpms for most 4-stroke singles. This is per AMA and PNWMA sound check guidelines, which recommends 3400 rpm as a good engine speed for most bikes. We have a device that can tell us when the engine is at that speed and all we have to do is put it in contact with the bike. If you have a tach, we go by that number. The DualSportBC limit is 96 dBA. If you have an unmodified stock muffler in good condition and it is at or below that number (keep in mind that the sound level doubles every 6 decibels, so a little bigger number is a lot louder), we pass the bike. If the muffler is in sad shape, or you have an aftermarket exhaust and are above the limit, then you have to go make some changes (remove discs or repack) and be retested in order to pass. Our intention is to PASS, not fail bikes. We want everyone to get out & ride. Please work with us… http://www.dualsportbc.com/forums/forum47/3640-2.html
  15. c337b

    Lowering DRZ with spacers

    I left everything stock and bought a Suzuki gel seat which will lower your seat height by 1 inch Frank