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  1. The current setup does not have a fuse. I think I'll just inline one and hope for the best. thanks for you help on this.
  2. Obviously its the black square on the left side with the velcro strap. I'm not sure what size the wire is... same as the rest of the wiring harness... I guess. thanks,
  3. avc8130, the battery pack is two sides of 4 batteries, each battery alternates direction. With the bike off, I hooked it up to the battery and it worked. I just don't want to melt anything. Any cautionary suggestions would be appreciated. Any idea what size fuse I should run on the hot wire? thanks!
  4. I've got a CRF450X: Installed the DRC EZ wiring kit for brake lights and blinkers (which was a piece of cake btw). The DRC kit is the one that runs off of 8AA batteries. So, my question is: Can I hook this kit up to my bikes battery so I don't have to replace the AA batteries all the time and if so, what do I need to do so that I don't melt anything? Thanks for any help.
  5. thetube

    My new dualsport... San Diego

    Why does Baja Designs have to make the headlight so ugly? It looks like it came off an 83 XL650...Fricking sweet bike otherwise!
  6. I'm converting my 06 crf450x into a supermoto bike. I just swapped out the stock sprockets to 14 front 45 rear. The stock chain is way too long so I'll need to replace it. Anyone know how to figure out what length chain I need? Can I use stock chain and just shorten it by cutting it and adding a master link? (the stock chain does not have a master link). Thanks
  7. thetube

    Dualsportamerica.com - help!

    Why-O-Why didn't I check with TT first? Live and learn I guess.
  8. Has anyone purchased from dualsportamerica.com? I bought a street legal kit 2 weeks ago from their website. I got confirmation of the order but have not yet received it nor am I able to contact them... the phone says the voice mail box is full. Anybody know these guys? Am I screwed? Thanks,