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  1. quazmoto

    Switch from Yamaha to KTM??

    I have a wr250 and do most riding in the California desert- mix between dirt and sand, rocks, a lot of hills, etc.
  2. Hello all! I am thinking about switching up my Yamaha wr250 for an '08 KTM 530 or used 525. Please share your thoughts. Any insight will be much appreciated. Also, what are the differences between the supermoto version and the dirt version? Is it basically the same bike and can you readily switch between the two by switching wheels, sprocket, etc?
  3. I am thinking about upgrading my muffler from stock. I would like to take a poll on the best muffler upgrade. Please let me know why you made your choice. Thanks!
  4. Ended up checking out Apex last weekend while we were out in Vegas. It was a lot of fun. Great terrain! Thanks for all of your reccomendations
  5. where do you locals ride?
  6. Thanks for the info! I am not sure about the dunes..we have WR250's and do not have paddle tires. The proximity is good though
  7. quazmoto

    PLEASE HELP with new CR 125

    Thanks for the info! It is much appreciated
  8. Thanks for the info. It is much appreciated!
  9. Please let me know of any places in the Vegas area that are great for dirt bike riding. Trails, tracks, etc. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  10. quazmoto

    PLEASE HELP with new CR 125

    Hello all! I just picked up a brand new CR 125. I am new to the whole 2 stroke thing. the engine dies and does not idle. Is it normal for a 2 stroke to not be able to idle? At one point kick-starting would not work. I called a local shop and they instructed me to turn the gas off, open the throttle full, and then try kick-starting. This did work and I was able to get the bike started and it continued to run the rest of the day until it died just before we were about to leave. When attempting to kickstart now, I hear a weird type of blubbering sound and cannot get the thing started. Also, when starting cold with the choke on, should I ride around for a bit with the choke on while the engine warms up? I read something in the manual that seemed to suggest this. Any help will be greatly appreciated! I love how this thing rides. Much different than my WR 250! This 125 is a blast! Thanks in advance for you assistance.
  11. quazmoto

    Differences between 04 & 07 CR125 - Please help!

    Thanks for the info! I appreciate it
  12. Hello all! I found a great deal on a 2004 cr 125 and am wondering what the the major differences are, if any, bewtween the 04 and new 07 models. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I currently have an 06 WR 250 and have recently felt the urge to pick up a lighter 2 stroke. Thanks in advance for your assistance.